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Device Doctor Portable 1.0



Device Doctor is a freeware portable Windows utility that scans your computer and provides updated driver files for all of your devices. It also locates drivers for Unidentified Devices in the Windows Device Manager.
Device Doctor Portable is a completely free software. You can free download and use it as long as you like.


Freeware portable driver update software

Device Doctor is a freeware Windows application that scans your computer hardware and checks to see if there are new driver updates available for your devices. It also locates drivers for Unidentified Devices in the Windows Device Manager. All this in a portable utility that can run off of a USB drive. This tool was designed to be very simple and easy to use.Device Doctor Features:1) Device Driver Database- Provides drivers for most computer hardware and device manufacturers- More than 3 terabytes (3,000 GB) of drivers currently in the database- We cache all drivers so downloads are quick and work every time- Fast hardware scan takes mere seconds2) Consistent Updating- Constantly updated to include new driver versions as soon as released- Every driver is human reviewed using specialized compatibility tools- Learns from other users as it recommends better drivers every day3) Future-proof with Windows 7 and 64-bit Support- Designed for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7- Thousands of drivers coming in weekly for Windows 7- Full support for 64-bit systems, as well as 32-bit systems4) Several new features:- Provides device names for unknown devices before updating drivers- Can be used offline: scan results are saved so you can move them to a connected computer and download there- Updates WHQL (Microsoft certified) and non-WHQL driversYes, it is completely free with no adware or malware!

(512k) 01 m 22 s
(1Mb) 41 s
(2Mb) 21 s
(5Mb) 09 s
(10Mb) 05 s

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