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Dumisoft Cycle 5.2.3

Why to write cheques when you can print yours cheques and minimize cheque bounce rate
Dumisoft Cycle is a free to try software. You can free download and try it for an evaluation period.

Why to write cheques when you can print yours

Dumisoft is Dubai, UAE’s leading progressive, innovative, expanding department in the field of Software development which fully operates as part of Duminex General Trading LLC.Our aim is to gain customer satisfaction, on time and every time. We are established since 2004 to create quality accounting and financial software and to keep the value for what’s important in your business enterprise. Dumisoft provides unique products and solutions, which cover mainly financial and business areas fulfilling customers need in different market sectors. We provide a set of products and solutions covering the following areas: Cheque writer/printer and PDC management software, Cash Manager.Dumisoft supports different market sectors like; institutes, organizations, accounts,software development companies, multimedia companies and clothing stores, media and electronic storesand individual users. Dumisoft value comes from the continuous research, the integrated products, the realistic implementations, and the successful support.

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