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easy PC texting is a new word in computer text messaging. It gives you the ability to chat over SMS, take quick SMS notes (shopping lists, directions), search the Internet, and more. All is done via Bluetooth connection with your cell phone.
easy PC texting is a free to try software. You can free download and try it for an evaluation period.


Chat via SMS on your PC or take SMS notes

easy PC texting is designed with one major goal in mind - make our lives easier!For many of us who spend considerable amount of time in front of our personal computers or laptops, it's often a challenge to reach out to a cell phone to read or write text messages. And it's for so many reasons: tiny cell phone keyboards are hard to use, display screens are too small, message length is limited, address book is difficult to access, etc.

Not to mention that very few of us have ever tried to participate in an active chat-style SMS conversation with multiple participants, take SMS notes (like shopping lists or directions) or even search the Internet on a cell phone, knowingthe troubles it might lead to.

That's where easy PC texting can be really helpful. You just need a cell phone capable of connecting to your desktop or laptop computer via Bluetooth, Infrared or direct data cable connection. Once your cell phone is connected, you can start using easy PC texting features right away:

- Start SMS chat with one or more participants.
- Take notes, shopping lists, directions onto your cell phone in a snap.
- Search the Internet via free SMS service providers like Google Mobile (no internet connection is needed).
- And more...

Quite few handy tools are available to help you using these features:

- Tabbed chat windows to maintain several active SMS conversations
- Support for multiple chat participants
- Unlimited message length
- Multilingual (Unicode) SMS support
- Secured access and message history encryption
- Selection of beautiful user interfaceskins
- Built-in spell-checker
- Quick address book access
- Quick message history filtering
- And more...

No special knowledge is required - everything is intuitive, straightforward and familiar.

easy PC texting is not designed for mass marketing or SMS spamming. It's built for fun!

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(1Mb) 01 m 32 s
(2Mb) 46 s
(5Mb) 19 s
(10Mb) 10 s

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