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esProc represents a broad category of OLAP tools especially for complicated structured data processing. It restores the true meaning of OLAP and don't need to model beforehand.
esProc is a free to try software. You can free download and try it for an evaluation period.


Data computation and data analytics software

esProc delivers numerous advantages: Friendly application form, Easy and Convenient, Agile and Efficient, esProc Leads to REAL OLAP, esProc Simplies Comlex SQL, Powerful and Innovative, esProc Makes your EXCEL Tell you more and Good Helper for Reporting Tool.

esProc represents a broad category of OLAP tools especially for complicated structured data processing. It can be utilized as desktop software or for interactive data computing and data preparation and call the program from command line. Furthermore, it can connect your relational database through JDBC and run as a data source for other programs. It doesn’t require highly skilled technology background or extra training, and can deal with complicated data by analysts independently with simple script instead of complex SQL or Java programming, and bring great convenience for your business process. It can be used to deal with tentative and occasional problems without remodeling, and express the results instantly through interactive computation interface, which increases the business productivity in a large margin. It has similar SQL computation capabilities, but it is much easier for users without SQL expertise to analyze the data at their will independently. esProc can load the data in excel files and re-compute them easier. It allows report designers to combine esProc’s excellent computation and analysis capability with the strong presentation function of reporting tools.

How to get started:
Free version: esProc V2012 free edition is available immediately after installation and is free for lifetime.
Trial version: A register code (with an expiration date of the last day of the current month) is needed to register esProc/esCalc V2012 trial edition after run the installation package. The trial code is changed monthly.
Standard version: To get esProc/esCalc V2012 standard edition, please go to our How to Buy page.

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