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Exstora Pro 2.7



Multi-functional note manager and personal organizer with thought through quick note editing and structuring system. Store notes, events, TODO's, Diary, etc. RSS Feeds. Gantt Diagram. Synchronize with other computers. Run from a flash drive.
Exstora Pro is a free to try software. You can free download and try it for an evaluation period.


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Where is that agent's phone number again?Where is my doctor's appointment card?Don't forget to wish Happy Birthday to Annie...So many things to take care of.How am I supposed to plan the upcoming week?If these questions bother you a lot, chances are you haven't checked out our software.Exstora Pro - personal organizer and notes manager, which you can carry with you at all times and run directly from the flash drive. Exstora Pro will carefully remind you of a scheduled event, save important text, retrieve selected rss channels, print a report...

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(1Mb) 05 s
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