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FastPictureViewer helps review and rate images (Adobe XMP, MicrosoftPhoto) faster by taking advantage, when available, of the power of multicore processors and the speed of DirectX graphic accelerators, all working together to speed up viewing.
FastPictureViewer is a completely free software. You can free download and use it as long as you like.

A fast picture viewer for Windows Vista&XP.

FastPictureViewer is a lean and mean, minimalist picture viewer allowing users to review and rate (Adobe XMP, MicrosoftPhoto) digital images faster then ever before by taking advantage, when available, of the power of multicore processors and the speed of DirectX graphic accelerators, working together to speed up photo viewing to unprecedented levels.Short feature list:- Full Unicode support.- Instant flip to the next image.- Instant switch between fit-to-window and 100% mode view.- Three-channels high-precision R,G,B histogram display.- Auto-advance mode, configurable from 0.1s to 1h.- Track mode (auto-display last added image).- EXIF shooting info display with shutter speed, f-stop, ISO, color profile...- Click-and-hold instant zoom and configurable 50%-6400% magnifier.- Single-click background copy of your "keepers" to a preset folder.- Adobe XMP sidecar file creation/update, instantly rate and categorize pictures.- Seamless multiple-subfolders browsing, in one single continuous sequence.- Drag and drop support, drop a folder or a set of image files to quickly view them.- Easy browsing over of tens of thousands (yes!) of images in deeply nested sub-folders.- Plug'n'play integration with optional automatic browsing of inserted media or digicam.- Instant automatic detection of new images added to the folder tree, while you browse.- "Open with FastPictureViewer..." shell context-menu options for local folders/drives.- Multi-monitor awareness and huge monitor support.- Full-screen borderless kiosk mode available at the press of a key.FastPictureViewer Home Basic edition, featuring JPEG and JPEG XR / Microsoft HD Photo (*.hdp, *.wdp) support, is available free of charge for personal, non-professional, non-profit or educational uses.Try it and see for yourself how your digital workflow can be accelerated with fast image previewing and selection.

FastPictureViewer is a fast image viewer with EXIF display and RGB histogram, designed for photographers. Highlights: Adobe XMP and Windows Vista rating, color management, Unicode support, multicore awareness and DirectX/Direct3D acceleration.

FastPictureViewer | A Fast Picture Viewer for Windows Vista & XP, with Adobe XMP & Vista Rating.

(512k) 24 s
(1Mb) 12 s
(2Mb) 06 s
(5Mb) 03 s
(10Mb) 02 s

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