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Gene Construction Kit 3.0

Gene Construction Kit is a biosoftware that graphically manipulates DNA.
Gene Construction Kit is a free to try software. You can free download and try it for an evaluation period.

Gene Construction Kit is a biosoftware that graphically manipulates DNA.

Gene Construction Kit is a biosoftware that graphically manipulates DNA. Features: - flexible formatting & manipulation DNA can be represented and manipulated in either graphical or sequence/text modes - with any formatting or sequence manipulation changes made in one view, automatically being applied to the selection in the alternate view. Users have complete control over the display in either mode. Segments can be selected in either mode and cut, copied, or pasted. When a selected segment is cut or copied, the ends are defined by the sites used to delimit the segment. Gene Construction Kit automatically monitors sticky ends that can be generated by restriction enzymes. Incompatible ends cannot inadvertently be pasted together. If such an attempt is made, GCK utilizes a unique "ligation dialog" to assist users in adjusting the ends for compatibility. Utilizing the special paste option allows a sequence to be inverted and/or to have the ends filled or trimmed before pasting, thus circumventing the ligation dialog if the manipulations warrant it. - restriction analysis Gene Construction Kit provides users with lists containing all known restriction enzymes with which to work, while also providing lists containing only commercial enzymes or enzymes sorted by recognition sequence lengths. Users can choose to mark enzyme sites by how many times they cut a sequence, by the kind of cut they create (5', 3', blunt), or even by whether or not they cut within a specified segment. One can even generate a table output of 'No cutters' for a specific selection of DNA. - customized GenBank conversion From within Gene Construction Kit users can directly download a GenBank entry if an accession number is known - or one can search GenBank for keyword matches in all the relevant fields (Author, Gene Name, Journal, Organism, etc). Either method produces a panel showing matching entries, the features identified, and the source information contained within the field. - intuitive analysis tools: identify open reading frames; PCR analysis; database searching; gel prediction - integrated project management: chronography; comments; file searching

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