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Hardware Inspector 4.3



Hardware Inspector's set of features is in demand by every IT manager. Computer hardware and software inventory. Computer audit. Inventory of network connections. Detailed asset history. A huge variety of customizable reports. Handy search tools.
Hardware Inspector is a free to try software. You can free download and try it for an evaluation period.


Computer inventory software for IT automation

Hardware Inspector brings IT automation to a higher level: multiple solutions in one product. Automated computer audit allows you to check computer configurations and find possible deviations - missing, transferred or new devices, changes in network setting. The audit results form allows direct actions such as data import and device transfer.Computer inventory with Hardware Inspector meets all the necessary requirements: access restrictions, barcode scanner support, inventory session without access to the database, barcode label templates, reports on inventory progress and results. A free program module - Hardware Inspector Inventory - is included in the installation setup. It can make an inventory without access to the database. Installed on a laptop and equipped with a barcode scanner, Hardware Inspector Inventory can turn the laptop into an efficient data terminal.The rich-featured Service Desk provides automated delegating responsibilities, close follow-up of all requests, powerful filter of requests, attachments, correspondence history, etc. Integration with Hardware Inspector Service Desk, a web interface, allows you to provide an easy user-supporter communication, and greatly relieves the support team because users can submit their requests themselves.Hardware Inspector has powerful search and filter tools - Search for Devices, Search for Licenses, Search for Expendables and Database Query. The multiple search criteria and improved speed leave no item unfound.Hardware Inspector provides new opportunities for data security. Access to information can be restricted at several levels. In addition to traditional password and privilege restrictions, access can be denied to certain device types, which which allows different specialists to work in a single database without interference. For example, a copy machine specialist can be granted access only to copy machines and printers.

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