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iMagic Restaurant Reservation 4.45

Restaurant reservation system. Track customers and more importantly help keep the repeat customers. You can analyze reservation trends and work towards your future needs. Rearrange reservations and allocate tables.
iMagic Restaurant Reservation is a free to try software. You can free download and try it for an evaluation period.

Restaurant reservation system.

Running a thriving restaurant takes skill and the best management programs you can possibly find. A busy restaurant takes hundreds of customers per day and many regulars will reserve their tables in advance. iMagic Restaurant Reservation software makes the process of filling your tables easy.

Automate the Reservation Process

iMagic Restaurant Reservation enables you to automate your entire reservation system, including the ability to track customers so you can keep them coming back. It is possible to analyze reservation trends, in order to see slow periods and when you might need more staff to cover busy times. The software makes it easy to allocate tables and re-arrange reservations quickly and efficiently.

It is possible to track customers' needs by adding notes on repeat business such as food allergies and keep track of special events such as anniversaries and birthdays. This helps to increase the likelihood the customer will come back again and again. It is simple to create new reservations or records notes with a touch of the keys to input all relevant information.

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(10Mb) 17 s

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