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Indigo Scape Professional Internet Management Security Software Manages and Reports Internet Use, Restricts Internet Access, Filters Websites and Content. Professional Internet Management for Business and Network Users.
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Indigo Scape Internet Management System

Indigo Scape Professional is an Internet Management and Security Software System for Microsoft Windows platforms. Indigo Scape features sophisticated Internet Filtering, Content Control, Acceptable Use Policies and Reporting allowing you to Monitor, Control and Restrict Access to all resources on the Internet.Key Features and Benefits:-Restrict Internet AccessFilter Websites and ContentManage&Report Internet UseEnforce Acceptable Use PoliciesIndigo Scape Internet Management Security Software has been developed to address the difficult and sometimes delicate issue of allowing Internet access to employees within a business.Our software is designed to maximize business efficiency and increase profits through increased user productivity, reduced support overhead and elimination of legal costs for employee tribunals.Malicious computer users and Internet misconduct costs businesses billions every year. Indigo Scape lets you restrict access to all Internet resources providing unique security coverage for business and network users.Professional products are designed to be managed from Indigo Scape Enterprise and provide a rich user Interface with an Internet Console and a Secure Web Browser.Indigo Scape protects and secures business systems by restricting Internet access and enforcing acceptable use policies as a client and server based network security management system. Indigo Scape offers complete centralized network management of all Internet resources effectively managing and reporting Internet use.Advantages of Indigo Scape:-Prevents Internet misuse and abuse.Internet Filters can block specific Websites.Content Filters block other harmful sites and are customizable.Monitor, Report and Control all Internet usage.Feel confident about allowing Internet access.Fully Integrated Security package.Centralized Network Management and Storage.

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