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I could say that Kari Taylor is a unique, hot, and talented, off the chain and off the hook 
vocalist but I am not going to do that. I will let your ears be the judge of it.
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I could say that Kari Taylor is a unique, hot, and talented, off the chain and off the hook 
vocalist but I am not going to do that.

I could say that Kari Taylor is a unique, hot, and talented, off the chain and off the hook 
vocalist but I am not going to do that. I will let your ears be the judge of it. However, let me 
tell you a little something about Kari and how this Bio arrived in your hands to read. 

Kari Taylor was raised in Los Angeles, California and at the tender age of three, showed 
natural talent and an interest in music. Her family came to the conclusion that she was 
destined to be a vocalist because the moment she came out of the womb, her first cry had 
the sound of a note that only a vocalist could hit. One day, while playing at a neighbor's 
house, Kari's talent was discovered by Hollywood’s own, highly acclaimed Film Producer, 
Cassius Weathersby, who formed a girls group called “The Little Tots” and placed her on 
stage at Disneyland’s “Golden Horseshoe.” Throughout her school years, Kari continued 
her pursuit of music by coordinating her own singing group and performing in various 
school and community talent shows, social events, and drama productions, which earned 
her an invitation to join a group called “Steam” that would draw the interest of renowned 
Legend, James Brown who introduced them on Soul Train. In college, her studies included 
music, voice technique, sight-singing, dance, and theater arts, which prepared her to 
become a professional Artist.

Kari was sought out to join other groups; By Design and Klear Cut, which prompted 
interest from major artists like Prince (By Design), as well as entertainment magnate, Lou 
Adler, who signed her group (Klear Cut) to Ode Records, a subsidiary of A&M records. 
Eventually, she stepped out on her own and began a solo career. This opened the door to 
various entities of the music industry - recording sessions, performing with headliners, 
recording sessions, going on tours, writing songs, and ultimately, another record deal, this 
time with MCA Records.

Once the industry heard a glimpse of her voice, it did not take long for her to impress 
some of the best in the industry, which led to her being featured on the “Jackee and 
Friends Show;” on the soundtrack of the re-make movie made for television “To Sir With 
Love II” starring Sidney Poitier; and a Stage Play entitled “Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing.” 
The highlight of her career was in 2010, when Kari was invited to join a cast of celebrities 
including Chante Moore, Tata Vega, and Sheldon Reynolds (EWF) to perform in honor of 
Michael Jackson; who’s Award was accepted by his brother, Tito Jackson - an 
unforgettable experience that shows she is making a name for herself and her appeal is 

Kari Taylor has been recognized by renowned entertainment entities. She is a two-time 
winner of the BMI Showcase, KJLH Radio Talent Competitions, the Songwriters Showcase, 
The 2011 History of Jazz Cyber-Star Search Winner, and others. Her 
performances include studio sessions, festivals, concerts, and club venues. She has also 
explored her talents as an actress doing background work, her latest being “Dream Girls.”

From the beginning of her career as a child and throughout, Kari has had the opportunity 
to work with some of the best songwriter/artists in the business, such as Babyface, "LA" Reid, Stevie Wonder, Ray Parker, Jr., and many others. Her opportunities also include collaborating with some of the most talented producers in the industry such as Jackie Jackson (of the Jacksons), Robert Brookins, Attala Zane Giles, Trevor Lawrence, and Preston Glass to name a few.

Kari’s new single entitled, “Love Come Down” was released the end of last year and she is 
currently in the studio writing and completing her CD project. Her songs show her 
diversified range and smooth, soulful, but powerful vocals complimenting the genres of 
R&B, Pop and Jazz.

To sum it all up…Kari is a complete entertainer who combines all of her talents in live 
performances and in the studio. She is ready for all to experience her journey.

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