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LiveProject is a FREE Project Viewer for Microsoft .mpp files, without expiration date. View Microsoft MPP Project plans, task and resource tables, gantt charts. Export to excel, PowerPoint and e-mails using templates. Sort and filter tasks.
LiveProject Free Project Viewer is a completely free software. You can free download and use it as long as you like.


Free Project Viewer for Microsoft .mpp files.

LiveProject Free Project Viewer is a Project Viewer for Microsoft .mpp project files. Open MS project 2000, 2003 or 2007 files. LiveProject runs on Windows 2000, XP or Vista.LiveProject enables businesses of any size to instantly view their existing Microsoft Project files. At no cost yu can share project plans, and allow anyone to view your mpp files.

LiveProject main features:
- View project plans for free.
- Support for Task and resource tables (Color coded for easy analysis).
- Gantt chart supports timeline settings, zooming and layout options such as Critical path or 'Rollup' task bars.
- Project overview bar shows the total progress including deadlines.
- View only sub-project tasks and/or individual resources.
- See detailed task information.
- View resource table.
- View almost all fields, including custom fields. Fields with links are click-able, to enable quick-launching external pages directly from LiveProject.
- Export task and resource data to CSV files, Excel, PowerPoint or Email, using powerful configurable templates.
- Supports sub-projects, deadlines, dependencies, split-tasks, timelines, zoom, critical path, layout of Gantt, and much more.
- Create custom alarms to alert of any new project changes.
- Auto-reload projects when they are updated, and view multiple projects using a simple tab-based User Interface.
- Customizable filters allows you to view exactly the data you need, including sorting and regular expressions.
- LiveProject also supports viewing bugzilla databases using custom filters and multiple accounts.
- Printing.
- Quick-launch bugzilla URL's, directly to the bug you are viewing, or directly to a 'new bug' entry form.

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