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The myBarrister mobile app enables users to identify a direct access barrister to advise on their legal problems. myBarrister lists family barristers, immigration law barristers and employment law barristers, among many legal specialisations.
myBarrister Mobile App is a completely free software. You can free download and use it as long as you like.

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myBarrister app links barristers with clients

myBarrister is the market-leading, find-a-barrister service.

myBarrister is an online service that allows individuals and businesses to find and appoint barristers to advise them on their difficult, pressing and urgent legal problems. It is a portal on which barristers can present their skills to the world, and where the world, in turn, can find the exact legal expert they need. By offering a direct access service online and via a mobile app, myBarrister offers individuals and businesses the possibility to access legal advice that saves them time and money.
myBarrister matches the legal needs of businesses and individuals with the skills of leading barristers, enabling the client to find precisely the legal expert they need. myBarrister makes it possible for individuals and businesses easily to reach a barrister who can solve their legal problem quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. Barristers can charge less than solicitors, because they're self-employed and do not have the costs of running a law firm.
myBarrister presents visitors to the website and searching on the mobile app with the choice of which barrister to use. They can look at CVs, fees, availability and expertise and decide who will best look after their interests.
myBarrister barristers are experts across the full range of legal specialisations. If anyone wants to find a barrister to advise them on legal issues from immigration, housing and employment to contractual matters and disputes, myBarrister will put them in touch with a barrister who is an expert in that field of law.
Barristers are experts in their chosen areas of law. They are skilled at working out solutions to legal problems quickly and telling their clients their best course of action. Barristers are expert advocates and can argue their clients' case in court, tribunals and other forums, including arbitration. Many are also experts in mediation, and can help their clients resolve their disputes without having to go to court.

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