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Notes PP 8.1



Notes PP - note taking software for Windows. Create sticky notes & reminders, post notes on desktop, send desktop stickies over LAN/Internet, associate sticky notes with programs. Easy notes organizer with high security.
Notes PP is a free to try software. You can free download and try it for an evaluation period.

  • License Shareware
  • Date Added 12 March, 2008
  • Price: $19.95
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Desktop sticky notes. Stickies organizer

Notes PP - note taking software for Windows. Notes PP is desktop sticky notes program that helps you organize your life. Notes PP is easy notes software that easily reminds about daily tasks or special dates and events such as birthdays, anniversaries and business meetings before they occur. Notes PP is a perfect sticky notes tool for communicating with your friends and colleagues - you can send desktop stickies and reminders to your friends and colleagues over LAN or Internet. 'Note-to-speech' option lets you listen to notes information. Notes PP is multifunctional sticky notes software that tracks your everyday tasks, reminds about special dates and helps organize personal information. Using note taking software you can create desktop notes using different fonts and colors, easily post notes on desktop, modify sticky notes settings, organize sticky notes in groups, associate sticky notes with programs/files/windows, attach files and urls to stickies and more. Built-in Address Book helps you store and organize information about your contacts. NotesPP is organized to maintain three security levels. All information is stored in the data file that is encrypted using 256-bit key AES encryption.

Feature List:

- create and post notes on desktop;
- make reminder notes;
- send sticky notes and reminders over LAN/Internet;
- send notes via e-mail;
- note-to-speech option;
- attach files/urls to sticky notes;
- support RTF;
- support multiple languages;
- secure notes organizer - allows organize safe operation in a multi-user environment (three security levels, varied access for different users, password-protected notes);
- secure notes keeper- keep information in a safe way using using 256-bit key AES encryption;
- secure notes manager - associate ("stick") sticky notes and reminders with programs, files and windows;
- search for notes using keywords so you can quickly and easily find the information you need;
- organize electronic notes in groups - advanced notes organizer;
- address book;

(512k) 32 s
(1Mb) 16 s
(2Mb) 08 s
(5Mb) 04 s
(10Mb) 02 s

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