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Personal Accounting Program



Inventory management tool maintains records for daily transactions related to sales, purchase and expenses of company. Finance maintaining tool is completely password protected, server restrict access to the accounting records by any external users.
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Automated billing management tool maintains balance sheet, profit&loss, trial balance, day book, bank book, journal and other accounts reports to evaluate entire financial transaction. The billing and inventory management software maintains company’s financial accounting and billing information in the easiest way. Bookkeeping software is fully efficient to fulfill requirements of all types of business and trading houses coming under small to large scale organizations. Enterprise assets handler utility provides various options like create new record modify or edit previous company records in easiest manner. Integrated accounting and inventory management software can easily generate various reports including Ledger, Sales order, Purchase order, Income and Expenses of company. Password protected feature of financial invoice processing application prevents unauthorized access from the unwanted users to system’s confidential information. Owner can easily calculate financial health of the Company by using accounts managing tool.Features:* Manages inventory records, tax order, sales and purchase details etc.* Maintains the Sales book, Purchase book, Day book, Cash book etc.*Offers printing option that generates prints of sales, purchase and billing orders.* Offers data connectivity feature which is used to fetch the data from other computers connected within network.*Provides fully secure and reliable application that does not let any unauthorized user access to modify confidential data.* Professional accounts managing tool is useful in different fields like pharmacy, real estates, retailers, transportation, hospitals etc.* Provides simple, interactive and easy to use GUI.* Supports all major versions of windows 98, 2003, 2000, ME, XP, NT, Vista and 7 operating systems.

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