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Perspective 3.0.9953



A network management and application monitoring solution for single and multi-site networks
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Network management and monitoring

PacketTrap Perspective is a comprehensive and affordable network management and application monitoring solution for single and multi-site networks. It solves the problems associated with bandwidth, performance, and connectivity and allows you to take back control of your network.* Real Time Performance Monitoring: Monitors performance counters for routers, hubs, switches, servers, and applications in real-time.* Virtualization Support: Monitor the health of your VMware ESX servers and monitor the health of guest Virtual Machines running on those ESX servers.* Multi-User / Multi-Site: Allow unlimited users in IT department to connect to Perspective via a thin client or browser across multiple sites* Advanced Alerting: Provides advanced email and SMS alerts for devices, including servers, switches, hubs, routers, and other network infrastructure gear* Traffic Analysis: Captures traffic data for any device on the network such as routers, switches, servers, and desktops allowing instant identification of network traffic problems.* Supports (but does not require) NetFlow, JFlow and sFlow. Leverages PacketTrap's own ptFlow technology to provide NetFlow like capabilities to devices that don't support these standards.* Panoramic View: Provides a 360 degree view of your network for local and remote locationsPerspective auto-discovers system resources and their metrics, including hardware, operating systems, virtualization, databases, middleware, applications, and services.Perspective automatically notifies you when network performance degrades, allowing you to fix problems before any impact on user and customer experience. Through a simple wizard, you can configure alerts for multiple conditions that meet the needs of your network. Perspective monitors network events, traffic, and conditions to create a performance baseline which ensures that you do not get inundated with false-positive alerts from normal network activity.

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