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Picture Information Extractor 4.2



The original EXIF toolkit. Photo browser that extracts metadata from JPG and RAW, transfers pictures from digital cameras, renames them in a flexible way, rotates losslessly. It also features a very fast picture viewer and a handy file manager.
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EXIF Toolkit with Deluxe Viewer and Renamer

The Original EXIF Toolkit.PIE is a picture browser and viewer with perfectly integrated photo metadata and file renaming features. It extracts EXIF information from JPG and RAW files and makes it available in a convenient and welcoming interface.Part of the EXIF header is standardized and contains information such as date and time the picture was taken, shutter speed and aperture or wether the flash was used. A lot of information however, is put into the Makernote block, which is proprietary and normally forces you to use the software supplied with the camera. PIE, however, contains an extensive Makernote support. With one single tool, you can review pictures with all the metadata from almost any camera.* PIE has the essential ability to rename picture files keyed to the date and time as well as other photo information, handled by a filename mask which can be customized easily.* Complete metadata headers can be saved and restored, as well as removed from the pictures.* PIE is a very comfortable picture file manager. Move, copy, delete and rename picture files.* PIE has a fast integrated picture viewer with zooming and panning and also a slide show feature.* A real life saver in digital photography is the ability to adjust the once recorded EXIF date/time later. You can either set a fixed date or increase/decrease the time parameters by any number. This can be applied at once to any number of selected files.* PIE rotates JPG pictures without any loss of quality. Rotation is done without decompression/compression. This lossless rotation makes it easy to take pictures in portrait format.* PIE is simply the best way to transfer your images from digital camera memory cards to your computer. It moves or copies photos and videos, renames them as defined in the filename mask and rotates photos taken in portrait mode automatically.All this makes the Picture Information Extractor an essential tool for amateur photographers and professionals alike.

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