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PowerPoint Repair Kit 2.4.0



PowerPoint Repair Kit is advanced Microsoft PowerPoint repair tool designed for recovering damaged PPT and PPTX file.
PowerPoint Repair Kit is a free to try software. You can free download and try it for an evaluation period.


PowerPoint Repair Kit is advanced Microsoft PowerPoint repair tool designed for recovering damaged PPT and PPTX file.

This Microsoft PowerPoint repair software is compatible with a broad range of PowerPoint file formats, and can be used in all major versions of Windows. The list of objects that can be extracted from damaged files includes text, text styles and effects shapes, images and embedded media files. Due to certain restrictions imposed by the PowerPoint document format, media objects are extracted to a separate folder on the user's hard drive, and need to be added to the final document manually.
Similarly, charts are extracted into Excel spreadsheets that can be edited and restored in PowerPoint immediately after recovery. The product is the optimal choice for users seeking an answer to the question How to repair PowerPoint files online?
Below is a list of the key features of this Microsoft PowerPoint repair tool:
1. Recovery of data from *.ppt and *.pptx files for all popular versions of Microsoft PowerPoint.
2. A new data recovery engine ensuring top efficiency, stability and speed of PPTX recovery
3. Extensive use of artificial intelligence for restoring files in PowerPoint 97-2003 formats.
4. Recovery of custom graphic shapes.
5. Extraction of text from PowerPoint presentations.
6. Restoration of paragraph styles and formatting effects.
7. Extraction of embedded media files to a separate folder.
8. Export of recovered slides directly to Microsoft PowerPoint.
9. Export of restored charts to Microsoft Excel.
10. Compatibility with all popular versions of MS PowerPoint.
11. Support of all major versions of the Windows OS
12. Modest system requirements, the program can be used on old systems
13. Compact Microsoft PowerPoint file repair tool download
PowerPoint Repair Kit enables the most inexperienced users to cope with the consequences of system crashes and use this Microsoft PowerPoint repair tool to restore the results of their work in a quick and cost-efficient manner.

(512k) 55 s
(1Mb) 28 s
(2Mb) 14 s
(5Mb) 06 s
(10Mb) 03 s

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