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progeCAD Smart! free DWG CAD 8.0.14



progeCAD Smart! is free forpersonal use. DWG DXF PDF read write. Similar icons, commands and interface. Raster image embedding, IntelliCAD AutoLISP interpreter
progeCAD Smart! free DWG CAD is a completely free software. You can free download and use it as long as you like.


progeCAD Smart! DWG CAD for personal use only

AutoCAD functionality for free personal use only. DWG 2008 DXF read and write. Similar icons, commands and interface. IntelliCAD AutoLISP interpreter, temporary point snap (like oSnap), layers, blocks. Hatch, block and xref editing. 3D shading and rendering options. Optional approx. 10000 Symbols ALE library.

This is the long-awaited free successor to progeCAD LT 2006. Smart! is fully functional and powerful DWG based CAD software that is absolutely free for personal use only. There are no rivals on the world free CAD scene in terms of AutoCAD compatibility and functionality. Smart! derives it's features directly from the professional codebase of progeCAD. The software is easy to learn and simple to install.

(512k) 23 m 14 s
(1Mb) 11 m 37 s
(2Mb) 05 m 49 s
(5Mb) 02 m 20 s
(10Mb) 01 m 10 s

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