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Proxy Checker 1.0



Zalp Proxy Checker is a piece of freeware that you can use to find and test HTTP proxies. Add, Load, or Pull proxy lists from the internet. Then, automatically go through and test your proxies against a URL of your choice!
Proxy Checker is a completely free software. You can free download and use it as long as you like.

  • License Freeware
  • Date Added 16 February, 2014
  • Category Utilities / Other
  • Filesize 615.0 KB
  • Author Zalp


Automatically download and test proxy lists!

Download and use the Zalp HTTP Proxy Checker for both finding and testing HTTP proxies to use online. This freeware gives you the ability to add individual proxies, load a list of proxies from your local computer, or pull proxy lists directly from five different website sources! Once your proxy lists are loaded into the software you can use the DUPES option to remove any duplicate proxies. Finally, you can Start the software and automatically test each proxy against a website of your choice! This means if you need proxies that can access one particular website you can use that website when initially testing. This guarantees you the best proxies to use at any given time! Download our free proxy software today and begins scraping and testing HTTP proxies anytime you need them. Software runs on all newer Windows machines and will require .NET Framework 4 to be installed on your computer. This framework is made by Microsoft and completely free to download from their website.

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