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Rational Typist 1.0

Rational Typist is designed to boost your touch-typing skills.
Rational Typist is a completely free software. You can free download and use it as long as you like.

Rational Typist is designed to boost your touch-typing skills.

Rational Typist is designed to boost your touch-typing skills. The program's original concept is that every human language has groups of words that are typed with either left or right hands only, and also words that you start typing with left hand and finish with right hand or in opposite direction (L2R, R2L words). This concept is very productive: it is much easier even for a starter to stop looking at the keyboard and boost touch-typing skills. In modern office environment it is a common place when several languages are used. The RT enables you to boost other language typing skills also, for example touch-type French text using the same training environment. Since Rational Typist is UNICODE-based program you can switch to another language with one keystroke, and the number of languages that RT can support is unlimited (only test files should be added for a new language). At the present time, RT provides full training support for 3 languages: English, French, and Russian. RT truly supports multi-language interface (MUI). One keystroke and RT is ready for use with another language: no program restarts, no delays. RT has 4 modes: * First two modes (left hand/right hand words; and L2R, R2L words) are designed to make easier for you to begin typing without looking at the keyboard.* The Test mode provides WPM, CPM, typing errors base statistics, and also enables you to see per-word-based statistics that shows problem words. HTML report can be generated.* The custom mode boosts your touch-skills concentrating on problem words obtained after finishing with test, and as test mode it also provides per-word-based statistics. RT leaves zero impact on the system files of your computer, instead of using registry it employs for own setting a single XML file. RT comes with own install program; its size is only about 100 KB, and it is completely free.

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