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Regclean 6.0



RegcleanRepairs and tuneups your PCAllows you to remove errors automatically or manuallyOffers comprehensive registry backup utilitiesProvides scan progress indicatorsImplements a convenient automated scheduler
Regclean is a completely free software. You can free download and use it as long as you like.


RegClean to be quite effective

RegcleanWe found RegClean to be quite effective at its initial scanning sequence. The registry cleaner dug up literally hundreds of problems on our test PC, which was somewhat un-nerving, in a way...Upon following the basic prompts (manually selecting/approving repair operations for each isolated problem) and completing the repair process with RegClean, we eagerly restarted the PC to see what kinds of changes had taken effect.The results were a bit mixed - the computer started up much more quickly than usual and many of the usual errors/problems were corrected, although there were a few lingering problems that remained, which were supposedly fixed as per the progress indications.HOWEVER - this isn't necessarily a fault of the program. Though the test PC did undergo virus scans and adware scans and so on prior to the registry cleaning, there remains a very viable possibility that our results were"tainted"by some other external factor - such as a virus, a problem with the actual process, physical issues with the PC - and the list goes on and on.This is simply the account of what happened in our one, isolated test.In every other respect, though - RegClean worked well and did exactly what it claims to do on their site...\You can give a fresh start to your computer operation capacity with the help of a rather basic tool like RegClean. Lots of errors occur during Windows registry accessing, and they often pass unnoticed until they are too many to ignore any more.This is the moment when most PC users turn to using a registry cleaner and get their computer back into the right performance parameters.RegClean is a software that provides a pretty comprehensive list of services from the error fix and removal to the tuneups and the scan progress indicators. Moreover, there is full backup for the computer registry during the scanning and repair interval, as well as all sorts of shortcuts to make tool usage easier.

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