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Sapwood 3.1.2



Sapwood is derived from the pixbuf engine in gtk-engines 2.2.0.
Sapwood is a completely free software. You can free download and use it as long as you like.


A resource saving themeing engine

Sapwood is derived from the pixbuf engine in gtk-engines 2.2.0.Uses X pixmaps (pixbuf engine uses pixbufs)Not supported: * scaling of images * 8bit alpha * gradients * recoloringInstead * uses a separate daemon process * images are tiled (see 'Images and borders' below) * 1bit alpha * shaped windows (see 'shaped' below) * leading wildcard in detail handling * special cases for some widgets (see 'Special cases')Note that 1bit alpha still allows you to do things like drop shadows in somecases. You just need to be careful about the background and fake the effectwith opaque bitmaps.Installation ./configure make [ become root ] make installRunningIn order to run applications using the sapwood theme engine, the sapwood-server needs to be started beforehand. You can do this by running the following command: /usr/lib/sapwood/sapwood-server &It is important to use the same TMPDIR and DISPLAY environment variables for both the sapwood-server as well as the applications so that the theme engine knows how to connect to the server. If the theme engine fails to connect to the server for any reason you should see an error message similar to following in the console: `/usr/lib/sapwood/sapwood-server' MUST be started before applicationsWhen that happens, check the TMPDIR and DISPLAY environment variables and check the sapwood-server process is running.

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