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Make your small office more efficient and save costs with SOHODOX document management software. SOHODOX is an affordable and very easy to use solution that allows multiple users to access a central database of documents and find documents quickly.
SOHODOX is a free to try software. You can free download and try it for an evaluation period.

Easily manage your small business documents.

SOHODOX is Windows based document management software that is tailor-made for the requirements and budget of small and mid-sized businesses. Documents are not only safely stored, but they are well organized.
What are SOHODOX’s main features?
- Ease of Use:
A simple interface that is easy to navigate with a drag-and-drop feature that allows you to add files easily.
- Organize Efficiently:
Using folders, tags, document linkups and SOHODOX Drive enables to arrange your digital database with no effort.
- Capture Folders:
SOHODOX monitors the folders on your system and imports new documents into its database.
- SOHODOX Drive:
SOHODOX Drive gives the opportunity to access the database through Windows Explorer without opening the software.
- Powerful Search:
SOHODOX allows you to search using folders, tags and document names. Full text search means that your text and scanned documents content can be searched too.
- Security Protection:
Multi-user with private and public folder based sharing.
- Add Annotations:
Need to highlight or leave a note on the document for the rest of the team to see? SOHODOX has a feature for that. Stamps and signatures can also be added.
- Companion Mobile App:
The SOHODOX mobile app for Android and iOS devices acts as a companion to the main SOHODOX application. Apart from a strong security, the biggest function of the App is the ability to access any of your SOHODOX files from anywhere.
SOHODOX offers a cost-effective document management solution with all the necessary functions needed to handle any document types used by small businesses. SOHODOX can be used by all kinds of businesses like accounting, construction or physicians offices. By manage their paper and electronic files better, businesses become more efficient.

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