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SQL Partition Manager 1.1.56

SQL Partition Manager provides a wizard-driven interface to partition tables in a large SQL Server database for improve performance and efficiency. It also lets you manage partitions - delete, split and merge them with a point-and-click simplicity.
SQL Partition Manager is a free to try software. You can free download and try it for an evaluation period.

Wizard-driven partitioning for SQL Server.

SQL Partition Manager provides you with a wizard-driven interface to partition tables in a large database and manage partitioned tables with ease. Partitioning lets you achieve optimal database performance without costly hardware upgrades. SQL Partition Manager also helps you to do some other operations, such as delete, split and merge partitions. All the steps required to accomplish these operations are fairly intuitive, so that you won't even have to open the user manual to get started. The wizards will help you to go through the tasks easily.SQL Partition Manager is a definite benefit for enterprises that have performance problems with their database servers. The typical solution is to invest thousands of dollars into new hardware - CPU, RAM, hard disk drives rather than use some commonsense, inexpensive "software" solution, such as partitioning. Partitioning the data into smaller, more manageable chunks is considered to be the optimal solution for improving the scalability and manageability of large databases, as well as improving performance of the server.Partitioning gives you significant gains in performance thanks to the reduced workload on the server. Partitioning lets you search through the data file in question without having to search through an entire index of millions of items. For example, let's say you have partitioned on node type, and you're executing a query in the forum module. In this occasion, only the forum node types will be searched without filtering the superset. It won't load the rest of the table in memory, because it knows that it only has to load that one data file.Typically, partitioning is considered to be rather technical and requires knowledge how to do it. However SQL Partition Manager lets you handle the task with remarkable ease, so that in less than 20 min after the installation, you'll manage to make your first partition. And in doing it, you won't need to hire an expert who can charge you a thousand dollars for the job.

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