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TBarCode - Barcode OCX 8.0.5



Barcode ActiveX Control - TBarCode: Generate, Print, Create all 1D/2D Barcodes with this Bar Code ActiveX. Embed Bar-Code printing into Office documents (Word, Excel, Access, InfoPath) or your own software (C,C++,VB,C#,VB.NET,PHP,ASP,ASP.NET,Delphi)
TBarCode - Barcode OCX is a free to try software. You can free download and try it for an evaluation period.


Barcode ActiveX: 1D/2D Barcode Software, SDK

TBarCode OCX (Barcode ActiveX® Control)

TBarCode enhances all applications with professional barcode generating and barcode printing capabilities. TBarCode can be used within the complete Microsoft® Office product family (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Access™, Microsoft InfoPath®, Microsoft SharePoint®, Microsoft Excel® ...) as well as in many development environments. Embed TBarCode OCX with a few mouse-clicks into your document, worksheet and database or into your application. Select the required barcode symbology and provide the data to be encoded. That’s all that is needed to ensure generation of high-quality barcodes including the correct check-digits. No special barcode related know-how is required. TBarCode OCX supports the generation of linear barcodes (e.g. EAN 13, Code128, EAN 128, 2 of 5) as well as complex 2D or Composite barcodes with high data-density (PDF417, DataMatrix, QR-Code, Aztec, MaxiCode, GS1).
Besides printing barcodes on arbitrary printers TBarCode is able to store computed barcodes in various output formats like EPS or bitmap image formats. TBarCode is also able to return computed barcodes as HTTP stream, thus it is perfectly suited for server-based applications.

+ More than 80 Linear, 2D, Composite Barcodes PDF417, MicroPDF, DataMatrix (ECC200), MaxiCode, QR-Code, Codablock, EAN-UCC Composite, RSS, GS1 DataBar, Aztec,...
+ 100% Standard Compliance ECI, check-digits, data compression, Asian character sets, UNICODE encoding, macro barcodes,...
+ Multiple Output Formats Printing, image export, PostScript®, PCL®, PDF, call backs.
+ Fine grained Barcode Control All relevant barcode parameters are adjustable.

+ Secure, Site-Locked ActiveX Control

+ Microsoft® Office
+ Web: TBarCode is used on client-side (browser applications) and on server-side (ASP .NET, PHP, ASP,...)
+ All Development Environments: VB, VBA, VC, C/C++, C#, J#, VB.NET, Delphi, JavaScript, VBScript, HTML, ...

(512k) 02 m 56 s
(1Mb) 01 m 28 s
(2Mb) 44 s
(5Mb) 18 s
(10Mb) 09 s

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