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VideoDesktop - Overlay Video Wallpaper Player - Screen Saver.
VideoDesktop is a free to try software. You can free download and try it for an evaluation period.


VideoDesktop - Overlay Video Wallpaper Player - Screen Saver.

VideoDesktop - Overlay Video Wallpaper Player - Screen Saver. VideoDesktop is a window application that plays the most popular types of video media files (avi/mpg), at the background of the primary desktop (like a wallpaper with animation), by using the New Technology of overlaying YUV for faster and more efficient way of video playback. VideoDesktop also work as a Screen Saver. Now it can play Video together with the actual Wallpaper and Transparent Wallpaper. Examples of use Fun - Entertainment.1. Play your favourite Music Video Clips or Movie at the background of your desktop (Video Wallpaper), without interfering your work.A very good way to impress your friend and family.2. Surprise your friends with VideoDesktop. Start a Music Video Clip and froze it but pressing "Pause", now tell your friends to come and see your new wallpaper, and then you press "UnPause" to unpause and startthe video playing. Everyone will be amazed!3. Play your Video clips when the machine it's in idle mode as a Screen Saver.4. Add a Transparent Wallpaper to make VideoDesktop more Exciting.You can use your personal designs like Logos, Frames or even Crazy drawings.5. Start and play VideoDeskop Automatically when Windows OS start. Advertisements - Business.1. A Client who owns a Internet Cafe is using Videodesktop to advertise the service he provides at his store, by playing some video clips at the background as a Video Wallpaper.2. Another Client is using Videodesktop to advertise a Travel agency he owns.When the machines are not in use, the Screen Saver mode activates, and VideoDesktop starts playing a series of video clips, containing the specials packages of the travel agency.3. A Computer shop owner, who owns more than 16 shops,has bought VideoDesktop and use it by advertising his products through VideoDesktop at the front window. They're unlimited ways you can use VideoDesktop. Requirements: DirectX 8.1 What's New: Fix popup menu problem (Esc).Add Windows XP OS.Improve by 6% Video Frame Rate playback.Add AutoRun VideoDesktop when Windows Starts (Boot).Add AutoPlay when VideoDesktop Starts.Add Supported Video Codec?s: All MPEG-1, All MPEGv2, All MPEGv3, DivX,nIndeo Video 5, Angel Potion compression formats and other.Improve video frame tearing.Smooth and consistent video Frame Rate.Improve the Pause function.Improve ScreenSaver start/exit MouseClick,MouseMove,KeyStroke(keyboard).Video playback RealTime update resize, position, volume and balance.Remove Freeware.

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