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Web Gallery Builder 1.89

Web Gallery Builder creates great-looking websites that showcase your images. It's easy, it's fast, and you don't need to know HTML. Unique and comprehensive album settings.
Web Gallery Builder is a free to try software. You can free download and try it for an evaluation period.

Creates great-looking web galleries.

Web Gallery Builder is the essential tool for anyone who wants to create photo album Web pages with professional results. Showcase your images by creating your own personal Web site; no HTML knowledge required. With just a few clicks, the wizard generates your Web Gallery, including thumbnails, ready to post online to any Web host. Better than any other software in its category, it generates photo Web albums faster and easier, with superior results. Because it enables users to maintain control over all their generated files, Web Gallery Builder is a popular alternative to online photo sharing sites. Welcome to a new and better way to share your photos!

Web Gallery Builder features:

Virtually no space limitations
-Create as many albums with as many photos as you wish.
Basic image management
-Save time with fast and easy previewing and rotating of images and adjusting of thumbnail crops.
Source image
-Include a copy of your high resolution source files (optional) to enable image enlargement and to provide images suitable for printing.
Image and album captioning
-Tell your story by noting important people, places and dates. Batch caption images for even faster Web Gallery creation.
Fun, creative themes
-Personalize your Web Gallery with your choice of many themes. We are continually adding new themes, available from our website.
Album management
-Add new photos to existing albums, change captions, reorganize photos or swap themes with just a few mouse clicks.
Image enlargement
-Click to see high resolution images suitable for printing
Complete control
-Retain control of your Web Gallery and keep intrusions to a minimum with no ads, no pop-ups and no spam. Your viewers don't need to register to see your Web Gallery.
Safe and secure
-Rest assured knowing your Web Gallery is generated on your computer, not on a remote Web host. Easily archive, update and upload, even if your Web host changes. No cumbersome image-by-image upload.
Multiple sharing options
-Upload your Web Gallery to a Web host, burn it to a CD or DVD, or email it to family and friends.
Clean designs
-Web Gallery pages generated without roll-over promotional graphic. All versions display an unintrusive credit line.

(512k) 44 s
(1Mb) 22 s
(2Mb) 11 s
(5Mb) 05 s
(10Mb) 03 s

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