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WebSite Auditor SEO Tool 1.3.3

Make Google rank your website high by writing the right content. WebSite Auditor analyzes your site's content, compares it with top 10 competitors, shows all your drawbacks and helps to create perfect pages to get in Google's Top 10.
WebSite Auditor SEO Tool is a free to try software. You can free download and try it for an evaluation period.

Perfect onpage optimization tool for SEOs.

WebSite Auditor is the new generation onpage optimization tool that lets you make effective web pages using the smartest onpage optimization methods. This SEO software will be ideal for website owners, webmasters, professional SEOs and copywriters.Besides giving plenty of information about onpage strategies of your niche competition, WebSite Auditor gives plain-text advice that makes optimizing a page simple even for an SEO beginner.It creates a customizable A-Z optimization report that has all data and recommendations necessary for successful optimization of any particular website in any targeted search engine.In a matter of seconds, WebSite auditor will show ideal keyword density and prominence in all page elements: title, h1 - h6 headings, meta description, bold texts and so on.Here is what you can do with WebSite Auditor:- You will see why your competitors got their top rankings.- You'll know what your targeted search engines want to see on your pages- You will know how to change your pages to get better search engine results.- You'll easily make all necessary changes under the guidance of WebSite Auditor.- You will clearly see what problem areas are there on your web pages.- You'll know how to eliminate each problem.- You will get step-by-step optimization advice.- Important onpage optimization questions will be answered in the A-Z Optimization Report.and much more.As soon as you put WebSite Auditor to use, you'll see it's worth its weught in gold and even more. With such a powerful set of features, you simply can't go wrong.Don't wait to download this excellent SEO tool!

(512k) 09 m 31 s
(1Mb) 04 m 46 s
(2Mb) 02 m 23 s
(5Mb) 58 s
(10Mb) 29 s

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