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Womble EasyDVD is an easy-to-use DVD authoring tool to make the job of DVD authoring as simple, intuitive, and easy-to-use as possible. With a simple six step work-flow, you will be able to create your own DVD with just a few mouse clicks.
Womble EasyDVD is a free to try software. You can free download and try it for an evaluation period.


Make your DVD authoring easier than ever!

Thank you for choosing Womble EasyDVD.Womble EasyDVD is a DVD authoring tool that makes DVD authoring as simple, quick, and intuitive as possible.With a six step work-flow, you will be able to create your own DVD with just a few mouse clicks, without ever reading the Help document.EasyDVD combines Womble's smart rendering technology for MPEG-2 video and an extensive and flexible menu template support, it will appeal to users of all levels, from novice to seasoned professional.The main features of Womble EasyDVD are:* Intuitive Use InterfaceA simple six step work-flow will walk you through the whole DVD authoring process with ease and flexibility.* Multiple Movies SupportEasyDVD allows you to create a DVD with multiple titles, not just chapters: you can even combine multiple DVDs into a single DVD.* Time saver and video quality preserverWith our smart rendering technology in MPEG-2 video, you can quickly convert MPEG-2 video files into a DVD movie with minimal video re-encoding.* Full AC-3 audio encoder supportEasyDVD is capable of processing 5.1 channel surround audio stream with fully licensed Dolby AC-3 encoder.* Creative Playback ControlsFirst Play lets you play an introductory video before the menu displays; End Action helps you tell different stories with the same video content.* Professional-Looking MenuEasyDVD provides you an extensible menu template support; it makes DVD menu authoring with ease and flexibility.* Real-Time Video PreviewAllow you to do a final check without outputting to the hard drive or DVD.* Burn with a built-in DVD burnerThe built-in burner allows you to easily burn your exported DVD folder onto a DVD disc - no extra software required.Enjoy!

(512k) 03 m 21 s
(1Mb) 01 m 41 s
(2Mb) 51 s
(5Mb) 21 s
(10Mb) 11 s

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