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Z1 SecureMail Gateway is a central, server-based software solution which provides encryption and digital signatures (PGP and S/MIME) for the entire email traffic of an organization.
Z1 SecureMail Gateway is a completely free software. You can free download and use it as long as you like.


Provides encryption and digital signatures (PGP and S/MIME) for the entire email traffic of a company

Z1 SecureMail Gateway is a central, server-based software solution which provides encryption and digital signatures (PGP and S/MIME) for the entire email traffic of an organization. It works with organizational certificates and certificates for individual users, groups or organizational units. Z1 SecureMail Gateway provides its services transparently to end users.Z1 SecureMail Gateway automatically finds certificates of external users or companies via the Internet. Secure email traffic to customers, suppliers, and partners is easily established, no matter whether or not they also deploy Z1 SecureMail Gateway. Evaluation packages for Red Hat and SuSE as well as SUN Solaris are available for download.Z1 SecureMail Gateway - the virtual admin officeLike an admin office that envelopes letters or opens them, Z1 SecureMail Gateway encrypts and decrypts a company`s e-mail traffic, while remaining completely transparent for the e-mail-sender. Z1 SecureMail Gateway - the virtual admin office protects the e-mail traffic of the whole corporation. By centralized encryption and digital signature.It integrates easily into existing e-mail-infrastructures. Because Z1 SecureMail Gateway supports the two internationally-established standards for e-mail security, S/MIME and OpenPGP it is in compliance to every existing e-mail software. In addition, today it already largely conforms with ISIS-MTT and S/MIME v3.Technically spoken the Z1 SecureMail Gateway acts as an SMTP proxy server which automatically encrypts, decrypts and signs e-mails as well as verifies e-mail signatures. It keeps anti-virus, SPAM and content filtering software the necessary access to the e-mail traffic and because of a flexible certificate management it uses user-, domain and group certificates.Z1 SecureMail Gateway: Centralized administrated security for your complete e-mail trafficZ1 SecureMail Gateway acts like an centralized admin office which opens your incoming letters and envelopes outgoing letters. It locks and unlocks the entire e-mail communication of company. Thus, it is called "virtual admin office". According to policy it encrypts, decrypts, signs and accordingly verifies signatures automatically. While doing this Z1 SecureMail Gateway stays totally invisible (called transparently) for the sender of an email.The security officer configures the centrally established security policy via web-based management console (so called Admin WebClient). Z1 SecureMail Gateway acts as an SMTP proxy server which processes the complete incoming and outgoing e-mail traffic. Security mechanisms (encoding / signing) can either be made optional or mandatory based on recipient as well as sender addresses or their domains. In addition, users can control the security function of the central gateway with a short instruction in the subject line of an outgoing e-mail.HighlightsIdeal communication capabilitiesFully in compliance with international standards for secure e-mail (S/MIME and PGP) and interoperable to ISIS-MTT and S/MIME v3.Easy integrationVia SMTP protocol as the only interface (POP and IMAP as options). Seamless integration in e-mail infrastructures of all kinds e.g. Lotus Domino, MS Exchange, Postfix etc.Strong securityIntegrating Hardware Security Modules certified according international standards (e.g. FIPS) of our technology partners offer secure key storage for high security needs.Performance, load sharing and high availabilityTwo or more Z1 SecureMail Gateways can run in parallel, and by synchronization they may take over each others load at any given time. This offers high performance, scalability and satisfies demanding requirements of enterprise environments.High flexibility and full support of the corporate user structureA secured site-to-site communication is satisfying for most of all eMail applications. Z1 SecureMail Gateway enables this feasible alternative by using organizational or domain certificates. But it is as well able to import and dispose user certificates. Thus, with Z1 SecureMail Gateway individual policies for persons, groups, departments and branches are easily realized and the whole organization benefits from investments in a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).Expansible with sophisticated security featuresWe recommend the use of Hardware Security Modules (HSM) of renowned vendors (Eracom, Chrysalis, etc) within the Z1 SecureMail Gateway. This makes storage of private and secret keys highly secure. Time-Stamping functionality ensures the traceability of ebusiness and e-government transactions.Scenarios:Global eMail VPNAlthough the Z1 SecureMail Gateway is also compatible with client-based S/MIME products, it unfolds its complete security power when cooperating with other enterprises which likewise employ it. Z1 SecureMail Gateway automatically finds domain certificates of other such organizations, creating a worldwide Virtual Private e-mail Network which any enterprise can easily join.Secure eBusinessModern eBusiness systems such as online shops, CRM or Supply Chain applications generate numerous e-mails. Z1 SecureMail Gateway is optimally suited to protect this type of e-mail traffic. It digitally signs invoices, order confirmations, transaction data or newsletters, and encrypts these if desired. In addition, qualified time-stamp services can also be integrated into the process. These features substantially increase the trust and acceptance of your customers and business partners in your Secure eBusiness.Multi Domain CapabilityThe multi-domain capability of the Z1 SecureMail Gateway flexibly supports and enforces different security policies for various domains or sub-domains. This means, for example, that a global corporation can ensure different e-mail security policies for branches or its domains (.com,, .ca etc.) with one server system. A computer center, ASP or Managed Security Service Provider may offer secure e-mail services to small and medium businesses with little IT security knowledge.Here are some key features of "Z1 SecureMail Gateway":?’A· Centralized encryption and decryption?’A· Realization of a consistent security policy?’A· Protection of incoming and outgoing e-mail?’A· Invisible for e-mail sender?’A· Unburdens security administration by automatic certificate management?’A· Content and virus filtering products work without interference?’A· E-mail security with or without Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

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