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ZipONE Deluxe 3.1



ZipONE Deluxe v3.
ZipONE Deluxe is a free to try software. You can free download and try it for an evaluation period.


ZipONE Deluxe v3.

ZipONE Deluxe v3.1 has been specifically designed to take advantage of brand new Features in WindowsXP Editions (Home, Professional and newer) and empowers cool new features: Full Support for WindowsXP Color Themes: Blue, Green(Olive) and Silver Ability to switch to different other skins: Icy, Gray, Gradient, Macintosh, Bevel, etc Full Support for other WindowsOS - Support for more Windows Color Theme Styles Skins: Icy, Gray, Gradient, Macintosh, Bevel, etc Other cool features include: New Office 2003 Styled Trasparent Notification Windows, New Descriptive Dialogs that display warnings or errors with more text, clarity and descriptive information. New Settings and Options Tabbed Dialog with Windows Color Themes and Styles Support, New Pages and Settings available now under the Settings and Options Tabbed Dialog. New Add Files to ZIP window with full WindowsXP Themes and Styles support You can also create Self-Extracting ZIP Files, with different skins and themes. That is better tools, modules, control, with new menu locations, descriptive dialogs and information text ZipONE features a new Encryption toolbar for easy Encryption Settings. New and interchangable toolbars and toolbar skins, plus new and interchangable Icons for Supportted file types. New Welcome Panel with Windows Themed Tabs New ZIP List View Style Panel with Windows Themed Tabs Plus Better Overall Security and Encryption with support for Standard ZIP Encryption, Enhanced Deflate and also support for Strong AES Encryption - 128, 192, 256bit

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(1Mb) 30 s
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(10Mb) 03 s

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