WorldForge::Ember 0.6.0 Ember is a 3d client using the OGRE 3d library. It's available for all modern Linux distributions, FreeBSD and MS Windows.More information can be found at it's main wiki site.

BattleDuel 1.7.110a BattleDuel is a game for the Amiga. BattleDuel project was developed by Michael David, Marco Seine and me. Michael did all of the graphics, while Marco created all sound effects and the music.My task was to take all these ingredients and to put...
Minecraft- Project SkyRealms 4 Hosting a variety of WIP in construction maps, mods, and more! SkyRealms is a interactive community and the maps will be mostly up to public. :) We hope you enjoy our Unique Projects!

Creative Commons Attribution License
pynav 0.7 Python programmatic web browser to fetch data and test web sites. Bug reporting and features asking are welcome, use the the bug tracker (Issues). Pynav on pypi : * Post authentication * User agent...
Maze Game vs Computer 1.0 Maze Game vs Computer - use the arrow keys to navigate the maze and beat the computer to the finish line. This application was created from a Flash CS3 sample file.About Adobe AIRAdobe AIR runtime allows Adobe AIR applications to be deployed on...
django-magnum 0.1 An on-demand PyPI cache. Can also serve non-PyPI packages from a local directory.
PurpleRune 1.0 PurpleRune is a procedural roguelike game that intends to include depth only ever found in games like Dwarf Fortress. By using highly flexible, modular code, we hope to be able to make a game that brings something really new and innovative to the...
Flydget Flydget-Desktop Pilot
Foodforce2 1.0 FoodForce 2 has been designed to educate and motivate people to solve world hunger. Since the laptop reaches out to the developing and third-world countries, it also educates children and teachers in a village on how to acheive self sustenance in...
Kernelcookies 9 Kernelcookies project consists of fortune cookies from the Linux Kernel.Kernelcookies is a datafile for fortune that contains some of the funnier or more obscure kernel messages.One of the most famous messages ("lp1 on fire") was part of...
Counter-Strike 2D Server Counter-Strike 2D is more than just a freeware clone of the well known game Counter-Strike! Experience the popular multiplayer shooter in a top-down 2D perspective or accomplish new missions like capture the flag or domination! Use a huge arsenal...
Unified Modular Character Generator 1.0 Unified Modular Character Generator - Character creator for different role playing systems

GNU General Public License (GPL)
PyMapper 72 PyMapper is a map making utility for fantasy role playing games (RPG). Includes the dungeons and dragons RPG. PyMapper is compatible with any system, but leans toward the 3.5 edition. Written entirely in python and wxpython. Win exe available...
JamochaMUD 1.0 JamochaMUD is a Java MUD/MUCK client.

Multi-language support
ANSI colour support
Emulation of some TinyFugue keyboard commands
Command history
Gags, triggers, and highlights

GNU General Public...
FreedroidRPG for Linux 0.14.1 FreedroidRPG is an open source role playing gameThe game tells the story of a world destroyed by a conflict between robots and their human masters. Play as Tux in a quest to save the world from the murderous rebel bots who know no mercy. You get...
Njam for Linux 2.00 Njam is a pacman-like game with single/multiplayer/duel modes, networking support and integrated level editor. It runs on Linux, Windows, BeOS, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, MacOS X and MorphOS. It features great graphics, music, sound fx and a lot of levels...
Obsidia Web Games :: Legion 1.0 3D RPG based on Ogre3d, written in C++. Target OS: Win32, Linux. Demo and screenshots uploaded as available. Model importer and Level editor.

GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL)
Taltos 0.1 Demo Taltos is an adventure/hacker game, based on a cyberpunk theme. Inspiraton for it was drawn from the Neuromancer game, Street hacker, Hacker Evolution, and other hacker games, Cholo, and Bloodnet.
4D 4Gewinnt 1.0 A "connect-four" in 4 dimensions.
MiniGammon 1.0 2/3 size of Backgammon application
You can get Source Code from

Common Development and Distribution License
libgamepieces 1.0 This project is started with the intent to create the basic pieces needed to build an MMO or an online virtual world.

BSD License
Lolita Land 1.0 Videojuego 2D dedicado al mundo moda Lolita, RPG, simulacion
Rivera Development 1.0 This project include addon development for the World-Rivera portal.

GNU General Public License (GPL)
ACLocator 1.0 ACLocator is a localization program for Asheron's Call.

GNU General Public License (GPL)
Deep Battle 1.00 Deep Battle is an exciting, fast-paced two-player war game. You command army, navy, and air units. Combat is resolved by a unique, interactive system that simulates the complexities of combined arms, and involves players in tense and exciting...
GNU Chess for Linux 6.0.1 GNU Chess lets most modern computers play a full game of chess. It has a plain terminal interface but supports visual interfaces such as xboard.Version 5.08 is the current release, maintained by Simon Waters. Version 5 shares no code with versions...
Dominions 1.15 Dominions: Priests Prophets & Pretenders is a turn based fantasy game in which you take the role of a pretending god.
nomnoms 1.0 After dinner mushrooms rule the world!

GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)
FIFE 0.3.2r2 After shipping the 0.3.2 release in November, we have discovered some issues with the packages. Therefore we decided to ship a fixed r2 version of the release so the users can actually utilize the full potential of the engine.
Monster for Linux 2.2.0 Monster RPG 2 is now available for MacOS X in the Mac App Store!If I read one more Role Playing Game blurb about Dondi's epic quest for the Frommitz of Dendor, I'll scratch my own eyes out. Epic? Really? Not a one of them explicitly invokes a...
Azune Online 1.0 Azune online, A Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game.
21 Minutos - The Game 1.0 Game in Brazillian Portuguese,more languages coming soon.

Jogo de tiro,Equipe Gamer de Garagem,Mate os guardas e vA? atrA?s daquele que quer retirar sua vida.

Open Software License 3.0 (OSL3.0)
Minecraft X-Ray 3.1.0 Minecraft X-Ray is a utility whose primary purpose is to aid in finding valuable ores and resources inside a Minecraft world. It's also very useful for simply exploring your Minecraft world, or finding your way out of a deep cave system. It is...
DjangoSEO 1.0 This is a set of SEO tools for Django.It allows you to associate metadata with:Provides a set of tools for managing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for Django sites.
MSNWar The Game 1.0 MSNWar is an game which you play trough MSN a sort of RPG

Public Domain
Online RPG Engine 1 ORE (Online RPG Engine) is a basic framework for creating your own multiplayer online role playing games along the lines of Ultima Online or Diablo. ORE is being developed in VB6 and uses DirectX for graphics, sound, and Internet communication. Download  View Info
zzoxx 1.0 Zzoxx is an ambitious roguelike game

GNU General Public License (GPL)
django-merlin 0.6 The Django FormWizard was not exactly what we were looking for so we decided to scratch our own itch and create a project that would host different types of form wizards for use with Django. Currently we have a SessionWizard, which is a form...
Rigs of Rods for Linux 0.38 Rigs of Rods is an open source vehicle simulator licensed under the GNU General Public License version 3. What makes Rigs of Rods different to most simulators is its unique soft-body physics: vehicles, machines, objects, etc. are simulated in...
Tour Noire 1.0 Turnierorganisationsprogramm, insbesondere fA?r die Organisation von Turnieren mit Klassen/Ligen und Vor- und Endrunden

GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2)
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