Magicstuff 1.0 Magic stuffs. P2P wireless network.

GNU General Public License (GPL)

Find me 2
Find Me 2 Find me 2 has more than 100 stuffs.
They are nice, cute and lovely.
Following the questing to find them, time is running out when you looking around. Have fun

Hope you like my game.
Sedition 1.0 Project Sedition has a goal, to make World of Warcraft FunServers even more fun, not only Database Fun related stuff, we are changing stuffs in the Ascent Core (Leaving the Author names and Credits ofc.
Casapro 1.0 tool collection to manage files and stuffs on a filesystem

GNU General Public License (GPL)
Free Mart 1.1
Free Mart 1.1 "We all have some used stuffs which throwing away is kind of waste! But we hardly find a way to give or even swap with others that they might need what we have. Therefore, GM Retail Marketing is ...
Small Games Collection A collection of simple, small and funny games. Most of them are java. Graphic is not the best u ever seen and they don't have system integration stuffs like a setup. Try them and rate in the forum!
Postfixsqlstats 1.0 Takes postfix logfiles and stuffs it into an sql database for further analyzis.

GNU General Public License (GPL)
MyBookingSpace 1.0 The goal of MyBookingSpace is to help people to organize the places for concerts and other stuffs.

GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2)
XtreamRace 1.0 Small PSP homebrew, some cools spaceship-race and other space stuffs.

Non-Profit Open Software License 3.0 (Non-Profit OSL 3.0)
Clean the fridge in the kitchen - a family task game - Gold Edition 1.0
Clean The Fridge In The Kitchen - A Family Task Game - Gold Edition 1.0 - GOLD EDITION


If you are bored of playing all types of games and want to try something unusual ...
ZoolaGames 1.0
ZoolaGames 1.0 ZoolaGames™ brings the fun to your computer with thousands of free games. Features : - Free Access to 1,000's of Free Games - Play Games Directly From Your Desktop - More Free Games Added ...
Internet Market Secrets 1.0
Internet Market Secrets 1.0 This app include all the stuffs that you need to get start earning from internet. This app includes 20 video tutorials that guide you step by step to a new journey of earning,
Little Shop Of Treasures 2 32.0 Welcome back to Huntington and an all-new adventure of seek-and-find fun. Help the shoppers of this charming little town find the items they desire. You have to earn enough money to restore and reopen ...
SBKOFFICIALSTORE 1.0 With this application you can go directly onto the SBK OFFICIAL MOBILE SHOP and enjoy yourself finding the stuffs you're always looking for! GO RIDERS GO!
Acad Assist 1.4 How does it feel to have your own assistant who takes care of all your academic needs ? Well, Acad Assist is one such app which lets you manage all your college stuffs. It helps you manage your tasks, ...
Java Games And Graphics 1-1 Java Games and Graphics is meant to be a fun project. The goal here is to have fun with JAVA graphics and JAVA games. There is no specific goal as to what kind of graphics or games.This project features ...
Smart ShoppingList Lite 1.0
Smart ShoppingList Lite 1.0 Lite version of Smart ShoppingList

An essential app of living assistance
Smart shopping list

Do you check a note when purchasing goods at a market?
Do you bring with ...
Nabze Bazaar 1.0 With Nabze Bazaar you can follow Phone, Tablet, Digital Camera, Laptop and other stuffs.
- prices from sevral sources
- offline browsing
- live price listes
- support ...
Shinobi Nexgen
Shinobi Nexgen Do you feel like modern games with all their fancy graphics have taken some fun out of games? We get that feeling sometimes and our answer is this old-style platformer game.
This is an early version, ...
Painting Game - Draw Cat 010 Free Cat Games - Play awesome free cat games on your computer! 3 free fun, addicting cat games. These 3 free cat arcade games are totally awesome. Fun Cat Games to play - Great stress reducers during ...
MAIA Unit Conv 1.2 The MAIA Unit Converter helps you, converting many kind of unit in your calculation project or school stuffs!You just have to lauch it and hit F1 to get help on how to use it!
InDoor Decoration 1.1
InDoor Decoration 1.1 This application contains amazing wallpapers of the Decoration pieces used to decorate your Houses, Bedrooms etc, Indoor Decoration gives an idea of how to decorate your home places by showing some nice ...
Free Motorcycle Games 1.0 A motorcycle fun games to play free from your mobile phone. Games motocross, motorcycle racing and motorcycle adventures for you to enjoy. A collection of flash games where you will need an internet connection ...
Kids Having Fun 3.1 With all of the games there is a strong emphasis on fun, the child will want to play the game because it's fun, not because they are learning, and they will certainly have fun. We removed the idea of ...
OpenSCAD Editor 4 A free editor for openSCAD based on .NET Scintilla
supporting .. AutoCompletion and other editor stuffs.

Creative Commons Attribution License
Numberz 9.0.115 Numberz is a fun and entertaining puzzle game which will keep you busy for hours. It has a friendly interface and you can enjoy it online playing with people all over the world.

It's easy ...
CanYouShoot A set of mini games where you have to shoot.

Fun with alone or with your friends in a lot of games.

We updating to set more games every month.

Furthermore, register in ...
HotGames4MeBest Games 4 You 1.0 Hotgames4me is a fun, exciting, and great game app for anyone with android.
Millions of games online on your android phone. Hotgames4me is all about browsing the list of the latest game arrivals ...
Barcelona Metro Searcher 1.0
Barcelona Metro Searcher 1.0 Do you want to know how to reach any place in Barcelona with the subway? Or do you want to know which is the closest subway station? Hence, use Barcelona Metro, the iPhone app that helps you with all ...
Sheeplings 1 2 Sheeplings is an easy, fun and entertaining game in which you have to protect and guide the sheep through more than 80 wool-raising levels.You have to assume the role of Windsor the sheepdog as you encounter ...
Pictoplay Plus Experience addictive picture guessing fun with Pictoplay ! Get up to 950 quick drawn sketches, a selection of game modes and great puzzle action that'll have you craving that 'AHA!' moment! Play solo ...
Golf Games 1.1 Android brings you the Golf games app that makes playing golf more fun, virtually!
If you are apprehensive about your less than satisfactory skills in an actual golf course and worried about missing ...
Sifter: Filesystem Transfer Program 1.0 Sifter is a file and directory transfer program. It stuffs important files that have recently changed onto a floppyso that you can take them home from work. It can also use theInternet instead of a floppy, ...
JGTD 1.0 JGTD is a new way of tracking your things to do. Based on the book "Get things done" from David Allen the main idea is to free your mind of all the "stuffs" and categorize them in projects ...
Private Photo Lock lite - Secure your photo 1.6.3
Private Photo Lock Lite - Secure Your Photo 1.6.3 Private Photo Locker lite is a simple photo manager for iOS. Keep your photos secure in your safe place where you're the only one with access. Hide you private stuffs under the secondary passcode. Download  View Info
Snakes & Ladders -The Fun Treasure
Snakes & Ladders -The Fun Treasure MJ Studio Comes with new Game snakes and ladders -The Fun Treasure. This game have 21 Mini games which associated with squares.
This Mini games Contains Fun games,Puzzle Games.
Good to Play ...
Dunk the Boss 1.0
Dunk The Boss 1.0 If you like Dunking Games or Carnival games then this fun dunking game is for you. Dunk the Boss and relieve all your frustrations. This is a traditional Americal Carnival Fair game.

This ...
Riviera Royale 1.0
Riviera Royale 1.0 Come and try your luck on one of the fun and amazing games. You can choose to play 3 or 5 Reel Slots, Table Games such as Roulette or Blackjack, or try the latest I-slots. Play and you’ll enjoy: ...
IPlayNet 1.0 iPlay offers a safe, fun environment to socialize and play your favorite dice and card games.

The players and staff at iPlay are among the friendliest on the net, whether you choose to play ...
Retro Games Collector
Retro Games Collector *** There are NO games in this application. It is a collection management tool. ***

Collecting games for retro game consoles can be fun, but it can also be challenging... "What games ...
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