Heartsman 1.0 Cardsman A Toolbox for Online Card Games - Heartsman Automatic card counter for yahoo hearts. Moon alarm, Automatic reset at TRAM, Direct links to all rooms, history with markers for trickwinners and ...

CardCounterPRO 6 4 Card Counter PRO is an AUTOMATIC card counter for use on online cards games like Spades, Hearts, Pinochle and Bridge.
Card Counter PRO sits in the background watching the game. When a card is played ...
TCG Counter 3.0
TCG Counter 3.0 TCG Counter is an innovative health and resource tracker for Trading Card Games. It's easy to use, stunning to look at, and makes playing more fun!

Version 3.0 includes:

A life ...
Spademan Yahoo 2.0 Cardsman - Automatic card counter for oneline spades. Available for Yahoo, MSN and Pogo. Shows remaining cards, History with markers for Trickwinners and Leads, Who is empty and number of cards left in ...
Pocket Grimoire 1.0 PocketGrimoire is a utility for PocketPCs running Windows CE to get information about card text and rulings from the Oracle Card Database about the Magic: The Gathering collectible card game, as well ...
PHP Hit Counter 1.0 Use this free php hit counter code on you site and host many stat counters. This package comes with many unique digit images and enables you to make your own counter hosting. It comes with 16 different ...
Yu-Gi-Oh! Life Point Counter 1.0 Yu-Gi-Oh Counter has been built from the ground up. This counter is aimed at people who would like a counter that was built for ease of use yet having all the features you need right there and then. Download  View Info
Camile Thai 1.1
Camile Thai 1.1 Ireland's first virtual loyalty card app.

Camile brings the convenience of a cardboard loyalty card to your smart phone

Our driver or counter person puts a virtual "stamp"on ...
Brain++ Counter Free 1.55 brain++ Counter is a simple tally counter with an additional timer and a countdown function. With brain++ Counter you are now able to count and save different events!
Count whatever you want! Traffic, ...
MagicGameKit 1.2
MagicGameKit 1.2 MagicGameKit is a great useful tool to assist players in their card Games, it has a life counter, a virtual dice row, coin flip and a life counter connection to get players interaction.
Changes: ...
Gift Card Log 1.1
Gift Card Log 1.1 Servin Gift Card Log is a quick and easy way to track the remaining amounts on your gift cards.

When you receive a gift card, simply enter it's name and the initial amount. Then enter the transaction ...
Dokmee Page Counter 1. 2. 2005 Dokmee Page Counter is an easy to use TIFF, PDF, and JPEG page counter application. It supports all versions of single page and multi-page TIFF and PDF files as well as single page JPEG files. The page ...
LDS Ward Clerk Counter 1.6 The LDS Ward Clerk Counter is designed to help you keep count of your LDS meeting attendance.
Easily increment your count by 1, 2, 5 or 10 (If you accidentally press a button one too many times, ...
Magic Life Counter By B.Freq 2.5.1 This life counter for Magic the Gathering has a simple and beautiful design. It's easy to start a new game, roll dice, keep track of wins and of course does a great job at tracking your life. There is ...
Manasamarthyadata Counter 9.0 Manasamarthyadata Tally Counter is a simple Tally counter application which will maintain the number count for you.
The main feature of the counter is even if you close the counter application and ...
Idaho-Web-Counter 1.00 Idaho-Web-Counter is a small and simple way to add cool counters to your web site. Just click on the counter style you want and the program will copy the code you need to your clipboard. Paste the code ...
Epic Count 1.0
Epic Count 1.0 Welcome to Epic Count! An extremely useful counter for all of those day to day counting tasks! Great for card games, board games, yard games and anything else you might want to count. This counting tool ...
Little Counterstrike 2.2 Little Counter Strike is heavily based on the infectiously addictive Counter Strike. Little Counter Strike is in 2D and concentrates on good gameplay and reaction time rather than photo realistic environments.
CTasbih 1.0
CTasbih 1.0 Dzikir Counter

-Tap Counter using Sound Fx and Vibrate
-Reset Counter
-Subtract Counter (-)
HMT Counter(History Counter) 1.0.4 The HMTCounter (History MulTi Counter), it is a multi-counter application that can save the location history information and time.
Feature and function is as follows.
• Multiple manageable Download  View Info
Free Counter 1.0
Free Counter 1.0 This counter is an indispensable tool to promote a site. It makes semantic kernel efficiency analysis easy and practical. The counter displays quantity and text of search requests for each page of a site ...
Blackjack Basic Strategy Card 2.0
Blackjack Basic Strategy Card 2.0 Blackjack Basic Strategy Card is a quick interactive guide for playing Blackjack. Need to know what to do in any hand? This is the app for you. Get ready for the casino tables by studying if you should ...
Multiicon Cash Counter 8.1 Welcome to Cash Counter a powerful software. you can maintain your cash counter easily through your PC. Its very useful for your Showroom, shop, Store etc. Due to advance programming, you can maintain ...
LPCounter It's a life points Counter for several Card games like Yu-Gi-Oh
-up to 5 players
-variable LPs
-restores always in the state it was closed
-orientations support
Life And Poison Counter For M:TG 1.0 Android app for keeping track of life and poison totals for Magic: The Gathering trading card game. Original life counter program from: http://www.elliotglaysher.org/lifecounter/
Push Counter 3.5
Push Counter 3.5 Simple Counter is here.


- Main Counter
- Sub Counter
- Auto-Save
- Icon Badge
- Two Fonts
- Two Colors
- Retina Display

iPad Users Download  View Info
Clicker Counter 0.7 Clicker Counter is an app for saving you from having to remember how to count; it'll do it for you!
Scenarios where Clicker Counter is the app for you:
- Rampaging goats have invaded your yard.
Task Counter 1.0
Task Counter 1.0 Task Counter allows you to see much time you spend on a specific task. Task Counter is a small applet, that counts time while working on a specific task. Built-in statistics allow you to assess such effectiveness ...
Pushup Counter (FREE!) 1.0
Pushup Counter (FREE!) 1.0 If you're serious about increasing your strength and muscle, Push-Up Counter can help.

Push-Up Counter will help keep track of your repetitions, so you can see how many you've done at the ...
Any Code Counter 1.0
Any Code Counter 1.0 Any Code Counter performs its excellence in source code counting beyond your imagination. With Any Code Counter, you can easily count any source files accurately and export counting results in multiple ...
Tiff Counter 2.0 Tiff counter is an easy to use Tiff page count application. It supports all versions of single and multi-page tiff files. Tiff counter also support tiff files which is compressed. Tiff counter also the ...
Digital Counter + Widget 1.40 Use Volume Up / Down keys, or On Screen Buttons to operate the counter. Add the widget to the main screen and count from there without even opening the app. It's simple and elegant. Set a value and start ...
Unicounter 1.03 If you want to add page-hit counters or download counters to your website then you may have what you're looking for. This sophisticated Perl script can perform all the basic requirements of a web counter.
Ultimate Web Counter 1.03 The Ultimate Web Counter is a Freeware tool to can add to your web site that will allow visitors to choose counters to add to their own sites. One of the only scripts of its kind! - Written in HTML and ...
Thueyts II 3.1
Thueyts II 3.1 Thueyts is a life point counter. Whereas most of us use it for Magic the Gatheringa? (aka MtG), it can be used for Yu-Gi-Oh! or any other trading card game.

Using Thueyts. To increase a life ...
Um Counter 1.0
Um Counter 1.0 Introducing the world's first Um Counter. Finally, um, a tool to, like, help eliminate, y'know, those irritating non-words from your vocabulary.

Personalize the counter to track and create ...
Counter-Strike PHP Graphic Status 1.0 Counter-Strike (47/48) PHP Graphic Status. It's beta and it have many bugs, so please don't be mad at me :>

GNU General Public License (GPL)
MTGBugs NEXT MTGBugs is a comprehensive app or tool for Magic the Gathering player. It integrate all kind of different tools which required by Magic players in one single app. For example life counter, dice roll, ...
Easy CFG Maker 1.0 Counter Strike 1.6 CFG Maker

Making your custom settings
Rate settings
Speed settings and make key tasks

Other License
Tomato Counter 1.0 A tomato counter as firefox plugin

Mozilla Public License 1.0 (MPL)
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