HTC Hero Clock for PC by ADC 1.2
HTC Hero Clock For PC By ADC 1.2 HTC Hero Clock for PC by ADC is a simple analog clock for your Windows PC. HTC Hero Clock is a grey and black clock widget with big bold numerals. You can easily change its appearance by simply clicking ...

Active Web Reader Customizer 1.24 With the Active Web Reader Customizer you can now distribute your own RSS reader that includes your feeds and web pages. The user then simply downloads your custom RSS reader, preloaded with your RSS ...
RSS Reader HD Lite 1.3
RSS Reader HD Lite 1.3 RSS Reader HD Lite is a RSS reading software of iPad version, which is based on Google Reader.

One premise: you need have a Google account and register one Google Reader account.

RSS ...
RSS Reader Lite for iPhone 1.5
RSS Reader Lite For IPhone 1.5 RSS Reader Lite for iPhone is a RSS reading software of iPhone version, which is based on Google Reader.

One premise: you need have a Google account and register one Google Reader account. Download  View Info
JS Rss Reader 1.0 --JS RSS Reader:A RSS Reader created with HTML and Javascripts language, to read and display a RSS Flux on ligne.We can put a Rss adresse, in a field text and presse botton "go" after the Reader ...
Open Feeder 1.0 An open source RSS offline reader project for both Windows and Linux

GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL)
LastRSS.Php 0.9.1 Simple yet powerfull PHP RSS parser/reader. Works as a PHP class and support RSS 0.9x, RSS/RDF 1.0 and RSS 2.0. It use quick regullar expressions instead of XML parser and returns associative array with ...
RSS Mate 5 3 RSSMate, a free RSS and Podcast reader, has been designed for maximum simplicity and compactness.

-Support for multi-language feeds
-Podcast support for audio and video linked content Download  View Info
Recover Data RSS 2.0.5 Recover Data announces FREE Professional RSS Reader softwareto read & view RSS Feeds & RSS News. Recover Data RSS Reader is a Tool that is will help and allow you to view & read any RSS Feed ...
Rss Glut 1.0 Rss Glut is a rss feed reader designed using python.

GNU General Public License (GPL)
RssManager 1.1.2 This is a simple RSS reader.
Sharing RSS data with Google Reader through Google account.
This app makes using Google Reader more easier.
** ver 1.1.2
- User can modify Rss list auto ...
JavaCodeGeeks Reader 1.0 JavaCodeGeeks RSS Reader
you will be never missing a latest post from now.
RSS from:
Android Download  View Info
Sloth Heroes 1.1 Grow 2 heroes for 1 minute.
1, Summary
Heroes of the twins don't move.
Because heroes are very lazy.
You grow such sloth heroes.
2, Rule
If you tilt a smartphone, you can ...
AJax Framework / Maborak RSS Reader 300 Maborak reader: ( Ajax/Web RSS reader ) Es una aplicacin Open Source capaz de leer sindicaciones RSS, RDF, ATOM locales y remotos. Web/Demo: (lector de noticias, ajax rss reader, ...
Caramba Mobile RSS Reader 1.0 A mobile RSS reader written in J2ME. Feeds are downloaded in background, allowing a fast and fluide experience. The project also includes a fast AJAXed web RSS reader to be used when the J2ME client is ...
RSSTail 1.8 RSSTail is more or less an rss reader. RSSTail monitors an rss-feed and if it detects a new entry it'll emit only that new entry.Compile & install:make installUsage:rsstail -u url -i check_intervale.
TTRSS Reader 1.1
TTRSS Reader 1.1 Unofficial client for the project Tiny Tiny RSS.

TTRSS Reader is an application which allows you to view your RSS feed stored on your server tiny tiny rss. The server is freely available on ...
AmoK pop2rss 1.0 AmoK pop2rss checks in short intervals one or more POP3 accounts and displays incoming emails as RSS-feed. AmoK pop2rss includes an own rss server - beside a news reader no more software is needed. AmoK ...
Wizz RSS News Reader 1.0 Wizz RSS News Reader is a simple program that enables you to read RSS feeds. When the application starts for the first time, some examples of RSS feeds can be created (this is an optional action). These ...
Fresh Reader 2.1.10021800 Fresh Reader is a RSS and Atom feed reader designed to boost your productivity.
Fresh Reader runs on your server or PC, which means you can host or install a web-based feed reader exclusively for ...
FeedMeNews 1.0 A basic RSS news reader for the iPhone OS

GNU General Public License (GPL)
GRID Reader Lite 1.1
GRID Reader Lite 1.1 GRID reader allows you to fully customize and control your favorite content, from RSS subscriptions, in a way that is fast and efficient.


Three Different Grid Views Download  View Info
RiverGate Rss Reader 4.3.0
RiverGate Rss Reader 4.3.0 RSS feeds can be extremely useful as they deliver automatically updated information directly to your desktop. This allows you to stay well informed about any subject, topic, issue that interests you - ...
Summoner - News Summary Reader 1.0 Meet Summoner. Introducing the first and only RSS news summary Reader. Read EVERY News in 10 seconds!
Summoner is a next generation RSS reader that shows you the summary for every news. With the ...
NoHaggleCarLeasing RSS NewsReader 1.0 News Reader for NoHaggleCarLeasing. Stay up to date with all the latest new leases added to the site via this desktop rss reader .

GNU General Public License (GPL)
Wizz RSS News Reader - C# 1.0 Wizz RSS News Reader - C# is an open source GPL licensed RSS and Atom feed reader. It's a stand-alone version of Wizz RSS News Reader for Firefox. The C# version was developed using visual studio ...
InoReader - RSS & News Reader 0.4.1 InoReader is light and fast RSS/Atom Reader.
Our aim is to provide the fastest and cleanest RSS reading experience. No fancy and distracting features.
You have to be registered first on
YeahReader 2.6 YeahReader is a free program for reading news feeds in RSS, RDF and Atom formats, and podcasts.The program provides all basic RSS reader functionality such as a convenient feed update system, proxy support ...
Neural RSS Reader 1.0 An RSS reader that learns what the user likes and categorizes articles based on subject matter.

GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL)
Wallpaperio HTC Maker 3.0
Wallpaperio HTC Maker 3.0 Wallpaperio HTC Maker is a free wallpaper creator that can make wallpapers from pictures and photos so you can customize your HTC. The program supports many types of picture files, such as JPG, PNG, and ...
HTC Butterfly/EVO/TB Wallpaper 1.0 Enjoy official wallpapers of HTC Thunderbolt, HTC Butterfly, HTC EVO, HTC Droid DNA, HTC Rezound, HTC Misc & HTC Sense at one place for Free!!!
All Wallpapers are in HD & suitable for most ...
Calenture RSS Reader 1.8.5 The best Fever RSS client on Play Store!
An easy to use but full featured RSS reader for android.
- Syncs with Fever, Stringer, tt-rss (with plugin), cold-sweat and bottle-fever Download  View Info
CindikateR 1.0
CindikateR 1.0 Cindikate is an RSS reader developed in RhoMobile, Reads all types of RSS feeds for both phones and tablets. This powerful
application is the fastest way to subscribe to all kinds of hot news, blogs, ...
Touch RSS 1.1 More than an RSS reader, this is a NOTIFIER!!!
We provide cloud services which will take full care of your feeds.

#Cloud Notification for your feeds. Our cloud will check your feeds and ...
Trasser 1.0 RSS reader task bar application.Use balloon tool tip notifier to alert for RSS.Allow adding new feeds easily.Customized options.

GNU General Public License (GPL)
RSS Reader Using PHP, AJAX, & XML 1.2 This is an easy to use, and easy to configure RSS reader. Uses PHP and AJAX to get and parse the feeds, and uses XML to configure which feeds to show. Easily configurable to include in another page with ...
Gamer's Reader
Gamer'S Reader Gamer's Reader is an Rss Reader that gets its feeds from IGN and Gamespot.

Enjoy reading your video game related news,reviews and previews through our nice and pleasant interface.You can also ...
Gentedelsud RSS 2.0 Gentedelsud RSS RSS Feed Reader is a revolutionary web portal developed for free by The application can automatically receive all the news published on the site and easily accessible using ...
HTC Home Portable 3.0.621.0.11062 HTC Home - is a free open-source widget for Windows. It shows time and weather on your desktop, like on HTC communicators. Features - Weather and clock animations - Wallpaper changing with weather - Installation ...
RSSButler 1.0 A Mac OSX Cocoa based RSS Feed Reader.

GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)
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