Name Analyzer Free 1.29
Name Analyzer Free 1.29 Curious about what your name means?

Enter any name into Name Analyzer and it will tell you what each letter of your name means!

Try your name, try all your friends' names, try your ...

Semi-Supervised K-Means 1.0 This is the source code for Semi-supervised k-means clusrterer written in java, it implements the constrained k-means.

GNU General Public License (GPL)
Process Scheduler 1.0 This project is use full for student , project is developed by means of java swing ,here the cpu is stimulated by means of how it handles the multiple process at a time by means of different scheduling ...
Overlapping K-Means 1.0 This is a variant of k-means algorithm which allows datas to belong to several clusters instead of just one.

GNU General Public License (GPL)
Veettukaaran 3.0.0 Name Veettukaaran in Malayalam means "One who looks after the house". This free and open source personal accounting software looks after many day to day activities of a house like Home Accounts, ...
Color Cell: Fourfold Lite 1.0
Color Cell: Fourfold Lite 1.0 *Color Cell: Fourfold Lite* is a numeric puzzle game.
There are some boxes with color and a digit on the board.
The digit means the number of boxes around.
RED means too many boxes around.
WaveDiag 1.0 Diagnostics of bearings by means of transformations

GNU General Public License (GPL)
Kmeans 1.0 C# implementation of the K means clustering algorithm

GNU General Public License (GPL)
My New Haircut 1.0
My New Haircut 1.0 You know what this is? This is My New Haircut App!
You know what that means? It means you're downloading it tonight!

Your boys, they got iphones and ipods. They're downloading the app ...
SMADRET 1.0 SMADRET Means Always Do Really Encrypt Talk (or Find A Better Acronym). It is a SOCKS 4-proxy that listens on localhost and acts as a middleman between your chat client and the outside world, intercepting ...
IOI-Social This is a public app which is designed with the goal of becoming an effective means of lodging the
complaints on any kind of infrastructural issues to a Corporator, thus providing the means of improving Download  View Info
Free Tennis 0.4.8 A tennis simulation developed by a former tennis player. Its main feature is realism. For gameplay, this means you have total control over the shot parabola. For graphics, it means players have realistic ...
InterSist09 09 Connection of computers by means of port RS-232

Academic Free License (AFL)
Ignite Scripting Free 1.0 Ignite Scripting Free SEO Software means that you can implement SEO projects automatically. You may take advantage of Ignite Scripting Free to register, verify e-mail and post messages to blog pages and ...
RPM Mirror 1.0 Provide a *simple*, configurable and reliable means of retrieving all rpm updates for specified architectures and releases. Verify that the rpms downloaded are good by means of rpm --checksig.
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News for IT Planet
News For IT Planet By means of this appendix you will be able to remain the course of the latest events in IT.B world this appendix contains news of the largest IT of giants, such as Apple, Samsung and Microsoft, in this ...
PhoenyxRysing 1.5
PhoenyxRysing 1.5 What this means for you is that things that are on FR will be coming over to PR and things on PR will be going over to FR. Obviously this is a lot of work to do so it wont be all done in one go. We are ...
Two Up
Two Up Celebrate ANZAC day all year round with this handy phone version of the traditional Aussie game "2-up". Simply shake your phone or press the button to flip the coins.

Two HEADS means ...
Arvento Thanks to Arvento Windows Phone application, your vehicle is with you everywhere

Arvento continues to facilitate the life by means of the mobile applications it develops. By means of this application ...
CleanVue 1 10 Cleanvue is automatic, this means you don't have to lift a finger at all once installed.

Cleanvue will view a folder of your choice that contains your pictures then will enhance them in the ...
Nuawan 1.0 NUAWAN means never upgrade again, well almost never.

Public Domain
Heureka 1.0 This project want to construct the tool for the following means.
1*Management of project
2*Finding of problem
3*Progress rate

GNU General Public License (GPL)
Slicefy 1.0 A tool for the specification and verification of concurrent systems by means of slices.

GNU General Public License (GPL)
Pam_ccreds 0.1 pam_ccreds is a PAM module that provides the means for Linux workstations to locally authenticate using an enterprise identity when the network is unavailable.Used in conjunction with the nss_updatedb ...
Menasha 2.25
Menasha 2.25 The Menasha application is a cloud based application that provides means to distribute and monitor tasks in real time.

Using the Menasha iPhone application, all types of field agents, offsite ...
WISeKey OTP 2.0.5
WISeKey OTP 2.0.5 WISeKey OTP provides a secure and convenient means for organizations to offer one-time password authentication without requiring devices in addition to the iPhone. WISeKey OTP's simple activation process ...
SPRuler The screen ruler by means of which it is possible quickly and with ease to measure in pixels any objects on the screen of the monitor (desktop). As the tool can it is useful to the webmaster for creation ...
OgreLua 1.0 OgreLua is a Lua binding for OGRE, which means you can use all of OGRE's functionality using Lua instead of C++ or all together.

GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL)
Subsurface 1.2 subsurface is a useful application that was designed in order to provide you with a simple means of keeping track of your dives. The program can import the dive data from a variety of devices and show ...
BMI Calculator(Works For Kids) 1.0 A simple app to calculate your BMI works for kids to + saying what it means!!! nothing to special but it does is job :) works for pounds and inches and for meters and kilos
Pseudo Remote Threads (Suremth) Rc The software provides a means to form a simple Java cluster. It can be also viewedas a parallel computing library in Java. The project is based on the following article
NDbAccess - N Database Access 1.0 nDbAccess will essentially provide the means to access multiple (i.e. n) databases. It will provide developer as well as admin capabilities. The first targetted platform shall be Oracle with other databases ...
Central Limit Theorem 1.1 The central limit theorem is considered to be one of the most important results in statistical theory. It states that means of an arbitrary finite distribution are always distributed according to a normal ...
Dancing Orc Rc.0.1 DOrc is a media daemon based on client/server architecture using UDP as the means of cummunication. DOrc is designed to be lightweight but is capable to use a non-interactive media player such as mpg123 ...
Distributed Python Host Management OS 1.0 DPytHOS is a means for administrators of large networks to bothmonitor and manage the servers under their control.DPytHOS is implemented in python and uses a generic databaseback-end (with MySQL supported ...
Simplest Ever REST Framework For Java 0.3.4 SerfJ means Simplest Ever REST Framework for Java ( Provides a lightweight MVC for Java web apps which can interpret REST URLs and dispatch it to a controller and then show ...
Don't mistake!!!! 1.7.0
Don'T Mistake!!!! 1.7.0 A button blinks.
Please memorize and push the turn.
Please push not any buttons other than turn by any means.
The buttons to memorize increase in number.
To what stage is it memorizable?
Self Esteem Advice 3 Self esteem is a popular term but not everybody knows what it really means or how to develop it.
Parents often desperately want to boost their child's self esteem but nothing seems to work. Adults,find ...
VHDL_Cheat 1.1.1 A code template tool for VHDL development which outputs to the clipboard - this means it can be used with any tool. Written in Ada, using GTK. Runs on Windows XP and Linux with common source code
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Inspiration Camper 1.0 This program provides a means for Camps to manage their operations. This program is primarily for use with camps for the Disabled.

BSD License
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