Tile Memo
Tile Memo With Tile memo creating notes just got easier and useful! Tile Memo allows you to pin memo to your start screen!
With Tile Memo you can add, edit, save and email your memo. You can choose to pin ...

Veedid Memo Pad Free Edition A free memo list pad software for Windows desktop.Veedid Memo Pad Free Edition is a free memo List Pad software for Windows desktop, help you to write personal memo by electronic way, share your business ...
Note Box-Free (Memo, draw, photo, record, back up) 2.0
Note Box-Free (Memo, Draw, Photo, Record, Back Up) 2.0 No more complicated memo
Solve all your memos here
You can solve basic memo, drawing memo, photo memo, recording memo here!
Make your own notes by using the simple memo
Note Box ...
Memo+ Free -Simple and functional memo app- 1.0.1
Memo+ Free -Simple And Functional Memo App- 1.0.1 Extended version of memo app enables you to organize your memo easily.

Unlike normal memo app, you can create category to organize your memo.


- Categorize ...
Veedid Memo Pad 1.6.1
Veedid Memo Pad 1.6.1 Veedid Memo Pad is an effective and convenient memo management desktop tool for windows. It helps you put all of the memos you have in one place, easily organize your works.It is quick and easy to get ...
Note Box (Memo, draw, photo, record, back up) 2.0
Note Box (Memo, Draw, Photo, Record, Back Up) 2.0 No more complicated memo
Solve all your memos here
You can solve basic memo, drawing memo, photo memo, recording memo here!
Make your own notes by using the simple memo
Note Box ...
Simple Voice Mail 1.6
Simple Voice Mail 1.6 This simple tool can help you to send you voice memo to your friends via email in an easy way. Just follow the on-screen steps to generate you voice memo, listen to it, and send it out if you are satisfied.
Memo.Ua 9_11 memo.ua is a simple and user-friendly programme based on a cyclic revision of studied material according to your memory rhythms.Working with memo.ua you are going to perform the same task entered into ...
Shop Memo 1.3.0
Shop Memo 1.3.0 "Shop Memo" is memo application. it is use for a daily life and shopping, etc.

A note of the goods which tend to be forgotten in the case of shopping can be made, that of the purchase ...
Memoha 1.2.3
Memoha 1.2.3 Memoha is a low-functional notepad application.
You put a memo in this application.
You upload a memo on to the Google Docs.
You put a new memo in this application.
You upload ...
SPMemo 1.0.1
SPMemo 1.0.1 SPMemo is simple text/photo editor with an uncomplicated.

- Features
1. SPMemo App can keep your memo quickly and easily.
2. The group, you can write your memo.
3. Photos taken ...
Slow & steady+- 1.0
Slow & Steady+- 1.0 Our memo book with the electronic calculator, improved more.
As for the function that we added, the subtraction was increased by consecutive calculations of the addition.
As memo frames are ...
Handy Memo for iPad 1.6
Handy Memo For IPad 1.6 "Handy Memo for iPad" is an easy memo app.
Please try it!

--- how to use ---

Drag your finger on the gray area.

Camera Icon:save the memo in camera roll.
Kyumo: Kyu Jong Memo Widget 1.0.1 Feature:
- You can put multiple memo on your screen
- Since./To. day counting/countdown supported
- 3 colors can be chosed
- Set of Kyu Jong and SS501's icons
- When countdown ...
Real Memo Board 1.97
Real Memo Board 1.97 Introducing sensible and practical Memo Board!
User friendly for all ages and decorate anyway you like.

? Key Features ?
- Easy to edit resize and rotate stickers, pictures and maps ...
Memo/GL Light 1.3.1 メモに位置情報を関連付けて管理できるアプリケーションです。
使用方法につきましては、ユーザーマニュアルをご覧ください。 Download  View Info
Multi-Media Memo 1.1
Multi-Media Memo 1.1 Multi-Media Memo (MMM) is an application which contains all the media functions of the iPhone. You don't need to switch to different applications to take your memo. It contains

- Video Recording Download  View Info
Memo Pairs 1.2
Memo Pairs 1.2 Learn to recognize animals and their sound with Memo Pairs. Six different difficulty levels will help your kid's memory and they will teach him to identify animals and their sound.

Memo Pairs ...
Memo Packer 1.1 Build 01100 Memo Packer enables you to create a multiple memo container on your PC with additional security features. You can create a virtual folders structure containing many text documents, e.g. your bank account ...
PopPrint free 1.1
PopPrint Free 1.1 PopPrint is the most wonderful AirPrint utility ever.

You can print following types of "High Definition" documents with PopPrint.

- Photo Memo (take or select photo and ...
CombiDeMemo 01.01.00
CombiDeMemo 01.01.00 This application the memo to which this application combined the handwriting memo with the text memo.

Changes: Fault correspondence Fault correspondence
I corresponded to the fault ...
EM Cal 1.01 This is a simple calendar memo.
You can registered memo and icons.
Please use this calendar, such as when you manage your simple schedule.
Has been a significant upgrade from an older version ...
MemO'clock 1.1.1
MemO'Clock 1.1.1 MemO'clock: don't let your great ideas get away.

Have a brilliant ide*
Or a weekly meeting?

MemO'clock is the first notetaking app to put the full power of your iPhone to work.
Cute Memo Reader 1.20 Cute Memo Reader is very simple application which allows for displaying any *.txt file.
It is not a book reader. It is designed to quickly browse any note file, which you will download to your phone.
AccPower Retailing 3.8 AccPower Retailing System comprises Sales Memo Entry, Sales Memo Payment, Purchases, Account Payable and Inventory Control in one package.This software has a user friendly interface design, a quick access ...
InstaMemo 1.2
InstaMemo 1.2 InstaMemo is a hand-drawing memo app. You can use multiple photos, map and web screenshots to make a memo!
If you finished memo, you can share a memo with friends or other apps.
InstaMemo is ...
Total Access Memo 12.0 Add rich text format (RTF) memo fields to your Microsoft Access forms and reports. Easily enter text with different fonts, point sizes, fonts styles (bold, italics, underline, etc.), bullet points, tabs, ...
CowMONO 1.0
CowMONO 1.0 Before shopping, do not you write it to the paper to leave the thing which I want to buy?
Where is the memo? Where is the pen?

If there is this application, I write it down with a finger ...
Smart! Memo 2.20 Smart! Memo is a versatileand easy to use utility to track notes or other ideas with easy access.No more endless searching in the Start menu or tedious wait for an application to load just for that small ...
TOGGOLINO Memo 1.0.2
TOGGOLINO Memo 1.0.2 Toggolino und seine Freunde kommen jetzt auf dein iPad! Und sie haben ein paar spannende Memo-Spiele mitgebracht.

Stell' dein ErinnerungsvermAgen unter Beweis mit dieser fantastischen Memo-App ...
Memo Deduction -A Hardest Game for Geek ofA A IQ,A Mathematics and Logic 1.2
Memo Deduction -A Hardest Game For Geek OfA A IQ,A Mathematics And Logic 1.2 Geek, GPA Top 5, Mathematical Olympiad Winner come and challenge it!!!
Your brain becomes slow and stops working? Come and brainstorm!!!

Try our Memo Deduction:

Deductive out ...
Share Memo 1.0 contact pc and share memo.
You can download PCVersion shareMemo from the website below.
Airmemo 1.01 the fastest memo in the world
no delay
no message
no synchronization
no confirmation
no wating
just memo
with perfect widget
- just what you want
LuJoSoft NoteOrganizer 1.0 Every day I was searching for memo tha I written in notepad or any other kind of file info that I had on my hard drive, so I created this little application that you can store your memo, .txt, .nfo or ...
Time Keeper Memo Pro 1.0
Time Keeper Memo Pro 1.0 Time Keeper Memo Pro. The app is Professional Version.
Time Keeper Memo Pro Ver1.0
+No ads
-Insert Position(Top or Bottom)
-State After Inserting(Edit or Display or ...
PixieMemo 1.0.4 "PixieMemo" is a Home Screen Widget by which lovely Pixie introduces the memo that you registered to the message board on the home screen.
Please use it instead of the tag paper when you ...
IconMemo 1.1
IconMemo 1.1 With this app, you can place an editable memo like a sticky note on your home screen.

It is convenient to be able to check the content by looking at the icon on the home screen without starting ...
UP2 Memo 1.0 UP2 Memo is a utility for Windows, which differs in three functions: 1) Notes, 2)ToDos, 3)Expirys. Available in english and italian language.

need Windows XP/Vista/7 with .NET Framework 3.5 Download  View Info
Inspire Memo 1.0
Inspire Memo 1.0 Fresh ideas are difficult to earn from your usual well-worn paths of thinking. Inspire Memo train your creative ability anytime anywhere.

Inspire Memo is a random word generator. Once you ...
Photo Folder S for iPhone 2.0
Photo Folder S For IPhone 2.0 Hierarchical Photo Folder

?Import Photo
?Photo Albums
?Photo Albums(Group/Bulk)
?from another iPhone/iPad/iPod(Bluetooth)
include:location, ...
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