Simple Calculator
Simple Calculator A simple calculator for a simple purpose.

- Bug Fixes
- Responsive button feedback

NotePADD LCARS Text Editor 1.0 Simple, but not simple... This is a simple text editor built of the Star Trek LCARS interface. This program also come with an interesting feature, encryption technology, capable of editing texts and encypting ...
Very Simple Text Editor 1.0 The very simple text editor is, how the name says a very simple text editor.It's without any controlbars and has a very simple style.The document-type you can edit is '.txt'.Download is free ...
SimpleAI 1.0 The simpleAI (simple Artifical Intelligence) is an AI with simple I/O, simple memory and a simple logic system. It is at the moment very experimental and unusable.

GNU General Public License ...
SimpleXMLParser 1.0
SimpleXMLParser 1.0 Simple XML is a tiny and simple to use XML parser written in C. Main goal of the simple XML parser is to provide a simple and small parser that has little or no requirements. The current implementation ...
TAYPE Phone .NET 1.0 A very simple .NET library of utilities related to telephony (POTS and VOIP)

GNU General Public License (GPL)
Platformutes Rc This is a simple platform games.
See features for more information

A pyramid tileset with 4 levels
An easy to use built-in level editor
A simple tileset format, that will be ...
Project Mars 1.0 Simple MIDP2.0 shoot'em-up game to study MIDP, it works on mobile phones with 128x160 resolution Tested on Nokia 3500Classic
Simple Workflow 2012.11.15 Simple Workflow is a free workflow engine written in Java.

- Simple to use (need to call only 2 methods and implement 1 interface)
- Written in Java 7
- Uses a ...
ReversiAI 1.0 Simple ai for reversi.

GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL)
Bck-Mydoc 1.0 Simple backup program, written in Qt C++. This is for the home user, the goal is making setup very simple so everybody can use it.

Document backup
Simple user interface

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StopWatch7 Simple stopwatch.

In this update:
- Added lap button and laps list
- Changed analog stopwatch design
- Restoring state on restart application
- Keep counting while device ...
ASCIIGaming 1.0 Simple Games for simple textenviromentsTetris, Mastermind, 4in a row ... and many more

GNU General Public License (GPL)
Simple Dialer 1.03
Simple Dialer 1.03 Simple Dialer is a great way to stay in contact with your friends & family, no matter where they are. Call your friends, family, business contacts, etc. anywhere in the world for free using Simple ...
Simple Java 3D 1.0 Simple Java 3D is just what it claims: a simple 3D library for Java. It performs real-time software rendering and is best suited for deployment in applets or via Java Web Start.

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ReelFramework 1.0 A simple project

GNU General Public License (GPL)
Simple Score Pad FREE 3.0.0
Simple Score Pad FREE 3.0.0 When simple arithmetic proves too challenging, Simple Scorepad is here to help!

Ultimately FLEXIBLE & CONVENIENT, Simple Scorepad is the app you need for scoring dice games (Farkle pre-set ...
Simple Translator
Simple Translator A simple translator to take with you on your trips.
Features include:
- A handy offline mode where previous translations are available whenever you need them
- Over 36 different language ...
The Simple TeX Editor 1.0 The Simple TeX Editor combines the ease of use of a very slim and simple texteditor with the advantages of an Integrated Development Environment (i.e. syntax highlighting, auto completion, starting external ...
Animation- Simple 0.5 Animation- Simple, is a Simple animation example with KeyFrame. Using Oracle java, you can import package animations, inser key frames, timeline, import javafx.

Use java ans JavaScript to ...
Backup.Py 1.0.5 is a simple way to do diff and complete backups for your servers.Some days ago i'm looking for a simple way to do daily backups in my server. I found a lot of software BUT is too simple OR too ...
Quick Web Apps 1.0 QWA - Quick Web AppsQuickly develop simple web applications. Features available:- form layout: simple fields, comboboxes, check, radio, file upload, tab, frames- editable grid: Header / Detail forms- ...
Fastfw 1.0 a simple MVC-Framework in PHP with the goal to be the fastest framework around by keeping it simple and easy to use.


GNU ...
Simple Pattern Framework 1.2 The simple pattern framework is a php framework created to be simple in design. It adheres to the MVC pattern, using active php for the database abstraction layer and smarty templating system for the ...
DigiStation 1.1
DigiStation 1.1 The weather right in your pocket a as simple as it can get. With brilliant graphics and simple interface you can always stay in touch with the weather, anywhere in the world.

Photo Viewer For All - Simple And Fast 1.0 It is for viewing photosLight fast and simple

GNU General Public License (GPL)
Ru.Amse.Artpetroff.Maze 1.0 This project will be a simple interpreter of simple robot language. The robot programming by user will search something in maze.

GNU General Public License (GPL)
Simple WebStrut 1.0.Alpha Simple WebStrut is a simple webframework depend on Servlet,Spring2.5.x and Xwork2.0.X ,This project provide a simple component to dispatcher request like struts and diff to struts.

Apache License ...
Simple Todo 1.0 Designed to provide a simple Todo manager with very few features: * Simple Todo's main window presents a simple todo list interface where the toolbar can be hidden for an even more minimal interface. ...
Clock & Notebook 1.0 Free clock with Notebook. Free simple notebook. Save your contacts using the simple notebook clock. The program interface is quite simple so even if you are a beginner you can use it without any trouble.
Jbuy 1.0 A simple web application for selling and buying product. It will be fast and naturally simple to use. There will be three Clients: Desktop App, Web Client, and Smart Phone Client

GNU General ...
Simple Notepad 1 5 Simple Notepad is an easy to use notepad, written using Python and Tkinter.
Simple Notepad software was developed for advanced end users and developers. Simple Notepad is recommended for programmers, ...
SOE - Simple OpenGL Engine 1.0 Soe stands for Simple OpenGL Engine.This projects aims at giving a simple framework when dealing with 3D.

GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL)
SImple COnfiguration Utility 1.0 SImple COnfiguration Utility is used for handling simple text configuration files. It is written in C and is very small.

BSD License; GNU General Public License (GPL)
Simple Projects Extranet 1.0 Simple extranet for projects.

GNU General Public License (GPL)
AlluraSkel 1.0 Grab this to try your hand at developing a tool for Allura. Currently supports:
- python package setup
- simple per-project-installable Tool
- simple Ming/MongoDB model
- simple TurboGears ...
Simple Deadlines 3.1.1 A simple and easily readable deadline manager.
Some red for urgent tasks and blue for those you can forget for now. A
daily notification
allows you to organize your day. You can use it ...
DaoAnnotation Rc DaoAnnotation is a Java projet to use simple dao CRUD with simple annotation.

java persistance
java annotation sample

GNU General Public License (GPL)
SPA - Simple Plugin Architecture 1.0 Simple Plugin Architecture Framework.

GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)
Neutreeko Online
Neutreeko Online Simple, elegant and neat: all you need in a great casual game with friends.

Neutreeko is a simple strategic checker placement game where two players try to reposition their own checkers to ...
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