Waytag 3.0.2
Waytag 3.0.2 Simplify the way that your friends, family and customers find you.

- Simplify your street address by creating a one word address with your name and an exclamation mark: "Meet me at !Steve.

Simplify Starlight Go Theme V1.0 "simplify starlight go theme" is a new FREE theme for the Go Launcher Ex.
Have fun with it.
1. Download “simplify starlight go theme”
2. Install, don't ...
OpenMoko Scripts 1.0 Scripts to simplify the install and use of OpenMoko

GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3); Public Domain
Orsiso 1. 2. 2003 Orsiso stands for Organize, Simplify and Socialize, which is exactly what is helping you to achieve with your social life on the net.

Main features:

- Manage your presence across ...
JET_lib 1.0 This is an 'all in one' library to simplify programming. This will include a direct X wrapper, math functions, XML, and many more functions. This library will also be a framework for managed applications ...
Tiny Library 1.0 A C# framework used to simplify the development of larger applications in .Net.

MIT License
WxWindows Project Manager For VC7 002 A set of tools to simplify the use of wxWindows with Visual C++ 7.
Djk-Commons 1.0 java code to simplify common tasks.

Apache License V2.0; BSD License; GNU General Public License (GPL); GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL)
GLWaveLoad 011512 A library to simplify loading and rendering .OBJ models with OpenTK.
Plsqlldap 1.0 A wrapper around dbms_ldap that simplify the use of ldap servers from pl/sql. Enables search, add, delete, and modify.

GNU General Public License (GPL)
EmanonPHP Framework 1.0 EmanonPHP is a framework intended to simplify PHP application development

GNU General Public License (GPL)
Simplify Your Life Daily Inspiration 1.0
Simplify Your Life Daily Inspiration 1.0 Would you like to receive a daily quote everyday that helps you to simplify your life? Too many times we bring our own stress and complications into our life by becoming busy with too many things. Download  View Info
HCS12 HAL Library B HCS12 HAL Library that simplify usage of Freescale HCS12(X) microcontrollers. It was tested with: MC9S12XDT512, XET, XG, and other types.

C and H files with source code for HCS12X peripherals Download  View Info
Simplify Receipts
Simplify Receipts Grand Prize Winner of Microsoft Developer Movement Canada Competition:

Simplify Receipts is the ultimate solution to organize and digitize ...
FaceWorks 2010 10.0 FaceWorks provides powerful design tools that automate and simplify the most difficult and complex tasks in the mold design process in SolidWorks. It was specifically developed and tested with continous ...
Plqt 1.0 PLQt is a framework which aims to simplify the usage of the PixelLight (https://sourceforge.net/projects/pixellight/) renderer within Qt apps.

GNU Library or Lesser General Public License version ...
Zero Assumption Disk Space Visualizer 1.2
Zero Assumption Disk Space Visualizer 1.2 Zero Assumption Disk Space Visualizer is a software that can help you to simplify "garbage collection" procedures. It's a simple tool that reveals the worst disk space hoggers and displays ...
PhpServerMan 2.72 PhpServerMan is an administration interface to simplify the server administration process for both administrators and their clients. PhpServerMan configures web, FTP, and mail servers; DNS services; and ...
vo_recipes 1.0
Vo_recipes 1.0 vo_recipes is a Vim Outliner Plugin to simplify the process of make recipes for the GoboLinux distribution. The main purpose is to build an UI in vim that fits the whole process that involve the creation ...
Network Manager (NM) 1.1 NM (Network Manager) is a utility program designed to simplify the admin work on NT based systems. It provides strong tools for performing the usual tasks and introduces a new automation mechanism for ...
QBzr For Windows 0.22.0 The purpose of this plugin is to provide a graphical user interface for those Bazaar commands where it can simplify the usage. Highlighting of differences between files, "browsable" log view, ...
Thevenin 1.0 Application able to simplify and make calculations involving a circuit built by the user.

GNU General Public License (GPL); GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL)
Vulcan Eager'S Utilities 1.0 Simple Utilities developed by a coder to simplify day-to-day tasks.

MIT License
SGE Framework 1.0 Simple Game Engine framework to simplify games development with DirectX.

Common Development and Distribution License
ANTLR XML Dev Kit 1.0 Tools to simplify parsing and processing XML using the ANTLR parser generator.

BSD License
Lees MP3 Class 1.0 A collection of classes for Visual Basic that simplify cataloging and searching of MP3s.
DEVELOP CAVE Visualization Utility 1.0 This project aims to simplify the creation of high quality, advanced visualizations from large quantities of remotely sensed data.

GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL)
ClearQuality 1.15 IBM Rational Quality Manager (RQM) has gone mobile!
ClearQuality provides easy testcase walkthroughs to simplify your QA workflows.
- View your testcases.
- Go step by step through your ...
TMEditor 1.0 A tool to simplify the coding of MUSHcode by providing a graphical user interface and advanced editing options.

GNU General Public License (GPL)
Doctors 1.0 Doctors of Ireland is an app that helps to simplify finding a doctor. There's no need to make an expensive directory enquiries call, just find the number on the app!
If you discover that a certain ...
DcParseArgs 1.0 Java library to simplify args[] handling
LDS Meeting Manager 1.0 LDS Meeting Manager is designed to simplify the planning, running and evaluation of church leadership meetings. As well as allowing leaders a repository for storing meeting information, LDS Meeting Manager ...
Ehcache For Windows 2.4.2 Ehcache is an open source, standards-based cache used to boost performance, offload the database and simplify scalability. Ehcache is robust, proven and full-featured, which has made it the most popular ...
Eclipse E3D Framework 0.1.0 Framework to simplify the development of OpenGL and SWT in the Eclipse RCP.

Eclipse Public License
Simply Blog 1.0 A simple blog created to simplify the installation process and creation of blogs in ones site. With a professional and clean look with simplicity, you can awe your visitors.

GNU General Public ...
RawGeno 2.0-0 RawGeno Version 2.0-0 is released! RawGeno is an R CRAN library automating the scoring of AFLP electropherograms. The library includes a graphical user interface to simplify its use. Features . The library ...
SpeexX Utilities Rc Some Java packages and projects to simplify working with Java. Addionaly some example sourcecode for using special technics in Java.
TSA Organizer 1.0 Organizer for TSA Chapters includes Fourms for Health and Other issues to Simplify the chapter leaders job

Academic Free License (AFL); GNU General Public License (GPL)
PirateStudioME 0.1 We create this frame to simplify designing J2me applications and games.With it, the developers do not need to start from zero, so they can develop their applications more efficiently.

GNU General ...
Transferer 1. 3. 2016 Transferer is a small application that tries to help simplify the transfer of photos/images from your digital camera (or card reader) to your PC.
Transferer will only work if the card reader/digital ...
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