SymFolio 1.0 Symbian Portfolio toolTool to link Symbian phones to NetBooks Laptops and Internet Tablets. Allowing easy access to Email SMS contacts and calendar entries. ALA Palm Folio(tm)

GNU Library or ...

KuneriLite 0.9
KuneriLite 0.9 This is an innovative Rapid Application Development toolkit to extend Flash Lite capabilities and create great-looking Symbian applications without any Symbian knowledge. It helps you to create great-looking ...
SMS Exporter For Symbian 1.0 SMS Exporter is a small application that allows one to export and/or delete all the short messages in the Inbox and Sent folders of one's Series 60 / S60 / Symbian phone.

MIT License
SMS Wizard LITE 2.8 SMS Wizard is the ultimate software solution for sending short messages (SMS) to pagers and cellular phones. Now it is possible to send your SMS-messages not only via Internet (using SNPP protocol) but ...
Flash Lite 2.0 XML Page Generator 1.0 Flash Lite 2.0 source files take standard XML and parse to mobile pages suitable for Symbian and Windows Mobile devices that support Flash Lite 2.0. There is some device resolution independence. Support ...
N3RO Lite Go Theme 1.0 New Black Theme by Simograndi
Icons Pack like Symbian Anna Lite
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Important tips:
1. Make sure the latest version of GO Launcher EX has been installed!
Intelligere Flash Lite Server 1.0 Intelligere Flash Lite Server (FLS) is a c++ open source component that gives to you the possibility to interact with the API of a symbian device from Flash Lite.Using FLS you can extend the capabilities ...
ComingNext 1.36 ComingNext is a calendar homescreen widget for the Symbian S60v5, Symbian^3, Symbian Anna and Symbian Belle smartphones. It sports a triple panel mode where each panel can display 4 upcoming events directly ...
AlternateReader 1.0 DjVu & PDF reader for Symbian OS 9.1, 9.2, 9.3, 9.4 The program is based on Poppler, DjvuLibre.

Symbian 9.1, 9.2, 9.3 (S60 3x)
Symbian 9.4 (S60 5x)
Touch screen ...
intended for handsets only. android 1.6 thru 4.0.3
This app only works with GO SMS Pro.
Install GO SMS Pro free from the market first.
How to Apply ...
callgoing 8.0
Callgoing 8.0 Calling desktop Pc software for your Nokia mobile phone with Symbian 60. It is compatible with Nokia from the model N70 with the Symbian 60 second edition through the model Nokia - X6 with 16GB with the ...
MessageReader 1.0 MessageReader is a java software that, given a Mail folder of a Symbian phone, takes all the sms messages (NOT (still) mms or anything else) and make a file in the unix mailbox format (suitable for e.
Carbide.c++ 3.2
Carbide.C++ 3.2 The Carbide.c IDE is designed from the ground up for developers creating Symbian C software for Symbian devices. It provides features for project creation, building and packaging software, and undertaking ...
Symbian Tool 1.79
Symbian Tool 1.79 The Symbian Tool 1.79 - Freeware (English and Italian ver) Coded by Jined Compatible with Windows XP, VISTA, Win7 Support Symbian 3rd/5th devices. Great tool to: Backup, Restore, Cleanup, Edit, Optimize, ...
Secure Key Agreement Over Bluetooth 1.0.0 Symbian OS implemetation of Burmester-Desmedt Key Agreement Protocol written in Symbian C++ and tested on Symbian 9.x platform (especially Nokia N73 and N80).
ICalendar For Symbian 1.0 iCalendar subscriber for symbian. Would start with symbian s60 3rd edition. An implementation of ical for j2me is required.

BSD License
Symbiantool Symbian tool is a useful tool to backup, restore, cleanup, edit, optimize, sterilize Symbian MASS MEMORY storage.

Note: The tools does not work in BLUETOOTH mode, but works only with the ...
Symbian Socket Library 1.0 This library allows using Symbian sockets without writing any ActiveObject-related code. Based on part of iksemel project by Darrell Karbott

GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL)
Fortuna PRNG 1.1.0 Symbian OS implemetation of Fortuna Pseudo Random Number Generator by Schneier and Fergusson written in Symbian C++ and tested on Symbian 9.x platform (especially Nokia N73, N80, N82 and E51).
B2oS 1.0 Enabels Bluetooth PAN on Symbian OS

GNU General Public License (GPL)
Symbian C++ Technology MDG Technology for Symbian C++ provides modeling and round-trip code engineering support for Symbian C++ language extensions. The technology includes a UML toolbox for Symbian C++, as well as the necessary ...
ANSI X9.31 PRNG 931 Symbian OS implemetation of NIST-Recommended Random Number Generator Based on ANSI X9.31 using AES written in Symbian C++ and tested on Symbian 9.x platform (especially Nokia N73, N80, N82 and E51).
Open Source Game Engine For Symbian 1.0 Open Source Symbian Game Engine written in C++.

GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL)
Symbian Open Dynamics Engine 1.0 Symbian Open Dynamics Engine (SODE) is an opensource physics engine ported from the Open Dynamics Engine (ODE) for Symbian OS where a realistic 3D physics can be simulated.

GNU Library or Lesser ...
Lua For Symbian OS 1.0 Lua implementation for the Symbian OS

BSD License
QuickBlock - UIQ3-Symbian OS Game 1.0 This is an open source game for UIQ3 devices based on Symbian OS v9.x

GNU General Public License (GPL)
BlueWhalePlatform 1.0 Useful utilities for running applications on Symbian smartphones.

GNU General Public License (GPL)
Screenshot For Symbian OS Rc Screenshot for Symbian OS is an application to take screenshot on your Symbian OS mobile phones (S60 3rd). You can capture screenshot and save it to a file in JPEG, PNG, BMP or MBM format. The screenshot ...
Farm Run 1.0 Hobby game project for Nokia Symbian 5th edition and Symbian^3 phones. Side-scrolling platform game in the style of Marios. Done using Nokia Qt SDK.
HATEFNA 1.0 HATEFNA ..... ..... (PC&Mobile)IP SoftPhone over SIP and ASTERISK using JAVA for PC and Symbian C++ for Symbian Mobiles Phones .....

Academic Free License (AFL)
GPS Based Task Verification Program 1.0 A collection of GPS and Paragliding related competition code. TP - VB GPS based Task Verification Program. TrackMe - Symbian C++ Nokia GPS cellphone code sends regular location data via SMS. PRS - JAVA ...
Clock Screen Saver For UIQ3 Phones 1.0 ClockSS is a Clock ScreenSaver like application for Symbian/UIQ3 phones (eg. Sony-Ericsson M600, P990, W950)

GNU General Public License (GPL)
First Certificate Symbian 1.0.0 This project hosts applications for Symbian OS initially developed as students projects on 'First Certificate in Symbian' course organised by Comarch and AGH Department ...
symbian2unix 1.0 Symbian2unix is an opensource effort to replace the makmake/bldmake buildsystem used in Symbian SDKs. It provides a means for Symbian/C++ development on linux using all native tools and without the need ...
Smurge Lite 2.2
Smurge Lite 2.2 Finally the free version of Smurge has come to the market, in the form of Smurge Lite.
Smurge Lite can actually send out personalized group SMS messaging, making mass text messages seem as though ...
Foundation 2 2 This is a high performance Mobile OS based on the Symbian Foundation code. We use the kernel and some engines. We create a simpler application framework that allows AJAX, Java, Mono, and other well behaved ...
S60 Star Fighter 1.0 Sort of StarControl clone for Symbian S60 devices. Currently on a planning state.

GNU General Public License (GPL)
SDL For Symbian 1.0 SDL adaptation for Symbian. The project has been there nearly ten years, but at last I get moved it into SourceForge as planned long ago.
ICING Location 1.0 A Symbian S60 location component using a "best guess" location method.

GNU General Public License (GPL)
FoxHole - Steganography Filemanager 1.0 FoxHole is a filemanager with Steganography capability for Symbian OS phones

GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2)
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