Nova Snake 3D 3.14
Nova Snake 3D 3.14 Nova Snake is a 3D arcade game based on the famous Snake (Worm or Axy Snake) game.
Perhaps every one plays Snake in 2D but Nova Snake brings you snake in 3D! The rules are simple, you must chase ...

Hunter Snake 1.0 (Hunter Snake is based on the classical snake game.)
Hunter Snake is a little snake which wants to grow as early as possible.
It knows that the only way to grow soon is to hunt the frogs and ...
Oldschool Snake II
Oldschool Snake II This is a remake of the original Snake 2 game.

Oldschool Snake II features:
- original snake controls
- 9 difficulty levels
- 6 classic mazes
- oldschool look
- original ...
SnakeXNA Do you like the classic snake game? Use the same rules in a new attention training game with the funny sound effects Snake 2013.
Snake 2013 is a very simple, addictive and funny animal game for kids ...
Bennyong.Com Snake 1.0 Snake is a video game that came out in the mid-to-late 1970s and has maintained popularity since then, becoming somewhat of a classic. The player controls a long, thin creature, resembling a snake, which ...
DoodleSnake Classic
DoodleSnake Classic The classic snake game upon the engine of DoodleSnake game.

This game resembles the origins of snake games, with an open map and an endless mode, in DoodleSnake Classic you'll be able to play ...
Space Snake 2000 1.1
Space Snake 2000 1.1 Space Snake is a SK Home-made Software's variation of the classic snake game. If you want to play this game you must: - Pick up the SS symbols to avoid the snake to grow. - The snake will expand ...
Greedy Snake
Greedy Snake Greedy snake, a very interesting game. The snake eat a bean will grow a body. when the snake's body reaches a certain length, it will shed its skin, this skin will become obstacles. When the snake eat ...
Rubik's Snake 1.1
Rubik'S Snake 1.1 In this game you will be given a picture of the shape to make, and then you will need to make it using the Rubik's Snake. To twist the snake, move your mouse over the snake and then press one of ...
The Snake 1.0.4 Snake is a classic game 80's years. The objective of the game is to help the snake to eat the food around the lawn. The purpose is to avoid that the snake eats its own tail or, when present, the poison ...
Snake For Linux 1.1.0 Snake a remake of the "famous" cellphone-game Snake.To use it, start konsole, cd into the directory you saved it into and type "python". That's it!
Little Snake
Little Snake Little Snake is a remake of the classic snake game,
now available for your Windows Phone.
It includes two game modes:

The classic game experience on a map of your choice.
Dm Snake Lite - The Joy of Old Classic Snake 1.0
Dm Snake Lite - The Joy Of Old Classic Snake 1.0 Totally Addicted Yourself into old classic Snake game ? Wallow in nostalgia for old school snake from old phones ? Dm Snake Classic will Bring You Back to The Joy of Old Classic Snake, and have more game ...
Snake Farm 1.0 Snake Farm is a standard snake game written in Java.

GNU General Public License (GPL)
Snake Deathmatch 1.0 Snake Deathmatch is a game inspired after some classic snake games (where the user-controlled "snake" made of square pieces collects "food" and grows).
"Deathmatch" in game's ...
SNAKE In A MAZE 1.34 Snake in a Maze.
Is this the best snake game ever made? Probably not, but it's good.
A follow up to the classic snake puzzle game Pac-Snake, with 3D Graphics.
Take Snake, put him in a 3D ...
Snake Extreme 1.0 This game has been around since to start of time, but it recently took off since it came as a standard for many cell phones. This game is back to the roots of the original version with a cheep plastic ...
Snake Defense Free 1.2.5
Snake Defense Free 1.2.5 ? Now part of "Game Pack" ? Buy this and many more games as one package ? Search for ? Game Pack

? A brand new Snake game and a new of Defense game - Snake Defense. Defend the butterfly ...
Snacky The Snake 1.0 Snacky The Snake is the perfect playground for children imagination. It is extremely attractive to kids, it has fantastic graphics, simple commands and lots of positive confirmation features.
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Snake Revolution 1.0 Snake game as a university task

Academic Free License (AFL)
SNAKE Javascript 1.1 Snake is a simple game. Feed the snake as long as possible... Use the arrow-keys (or A, S, D and W) to navigate the snake.Play online: SNAKE javascript and have Fun!
Om@R Snake 1.0 It is a Snake Game . The snake eats apples . Each Time the snake eats an apple The snake grows and your score increases .
Snake Fights 1.0 Snake fights it is a remake of old game. The role of the player consists that it prepares an own snake for competition, but in battle itself you can be only a spectator.

GNU General Public ...
Snake On Mars 1.0 A game made by its players. The Snake on Mars is a very addictive game in which the player use various tools to find the home. The game world is set at Mars where there is gravity and the gravity can ...
Lite The Snake 1.1.0
Lite The Snake 1.1.0 The snake game that your iPhone/iPod was waiting for!!

-The First snake game designed for touch screen device with the "line drawing" input method
-Move the snakes on a whole ...
Deluxe Snake 3.8
Deluxe Snake 3.8 The most unique feature which make this game diferent from other snakes is the possibility to cut you snake. All you have to do is to reach your tail with your head or in other words bite in your own ...
Free Snake - 100 FREE Levels 1.3
Free Snake - 100 FREE Levels 1.3 WARNING! This game can be very addicting!

Guide your snake through 10 challenging levels! Eat as many apples as you can along the way! Your snake gets longer the more apples he eats.
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PocketSnake 0.11 PocketSnake is another release of the classic Snake game for the Pocket PC PDAs. Your goal is to move the snake and eat as many 'food' blocks as possible. Easy rules: Use the arrow keys or stylus to control ...
KindyGame 1.0 Kindergarten(snake-like) game. A try to work in team.

GNU General Public License (GPL)
Nokia Snake 2.5 Check out this version of the snake game commonly found on Nokia phones. Navigate the snake around the screen and try to eat the bananas to gain points. You die by running into a wall, or running into ...
3D Snake
3D Snake The classic snake game evolved into a full 3D game! Enjoy the classic snake with the power of your 3D Windows Phone!

Update 8.0:
* Windows phone 8 supported
* Added world 3
Java Snake Battle 1.0 A variant of the classic game Snake, but with the addition of an autonomous enemy snake.
Free Snake Eat Snake
Free Snake Eat Snake It's a snake eat snake world !!!

Eat the evil red snakes before they eat you!

Go head to head with shorter snakes, whilst avoiding the longer snakes trying to eat you. Attack the ...
Snake 8
Snake 8 Snake 8 is the classic snake game but with innovative touch controls. No creepy small buttons. Choose from different speed and wallmode settings. Save your score online to compare your skills with other ...
Classic Snake Game 1.0 Implementation of the classic Snake Arcade Game in JAVA

GNU General Public License (GPL)
Geek-Gang'S Kindergarten-Game 1.0 An entertaining snake-like little game with much fun and a creche.

Sun Public License
OpenSnake 32 OpenSnake is an open source snake game (a clone of the classic snake game). The snake of it is continuous. The GUI of it is implemented using wxWidgets.
RotateSnake This is variation of a well-know "Snake" game from Nokia 3210 but here you use the accelerometer to control the snake.
Snake is always going to right side, and you must rotate your phone ...
Snake Sajtoslangos 1.0 Unique snake game written in Java for a university project.

GNU General Public License (GPL)
Greedy Snake (DirectX version) 2.1
Greedy Snake (DirectX Version) 2.1 The famous Snake game.Games gorgeous interface.Games nimble.Sound good. Support the progress of the store. Greedy Snake (DirectX version) features : - Game total of 10 levels, from easy to difficult; ...
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